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The Young Victoria trailer online

TheYoungVictoria.jpgI was considering putting The Young Victoria in my list of films to see in 2009, not that I would want to watch it as I'm fed up with period dramas that go over the same old ground, but that Julian Fellowes wrote it and I'm always impressed with his work. However I didn't and the reveal of the trailer has shown me why.

The Young Victoria is about just that, the young Queen Victoria as she takes the throne and courts Prince Albert.

Rupert Friend, Emily Blunt, Miranda Richardson, Mark Strong, Paul Bettany, Jim Broadbent, Julian Glover all mean a good cast list, but I can't help but look at this and think we've seen it time and time again.

Here's the trailer for The Young Victoria, do you see anything new and interesting, or do you genuinely love costume dramas like this?



C'mon Richard, Tiscali had this weeks ago. You 're supposed to find out about UK trailers a bit earlier than that ;-)

Tiscali who?

Look, I'm really sorry. Do you want me to shut down the site because I've missed the trailer? Or would you rather I just didn't post it at all and ignored it?

Come on, I have a four day a week job and I'm running the site by myself with Louise helping out with some writing when she can. I think I'm doing pretty damn well for that thanks.

Where are your comments on all the other trailers I got posted just today?

I'm sorry, I forgot the link:


The situation has changed by now, but when I made the comment above, googling "young victoria trailer" would bring that link as the first result. We all know that at Trailer Addict they will mostly avoid crediting anyone with anything, but I would expect someone from a UK site to acknowledge the fact that it is a UK trailer from a UK source (and not post it like it just came out, somewhere else).

Other than that, I implied that the quality of your posts is usually higher and I didn't know I should have mentioned that on all the other posts of the day. Sorry again.

You didn't forget the link, I removed it!

I presume you are searching with the advanced options and ensuring you have the date posted checked, otherwise you'll get the most visited and linked to pages up first, not the ones posted first.

I didn't know that about Trailer Addict, I have feeds from various trailer sites and when something pops up I haven't seen before I view it and maybe write about it.

My point wasn't that you should have made your point on every single post, my point is that you came up to comment negatively on this post to say I wasn't first with the posting and I hadn't seen you posting on the other trailers to say well done, new trailer I haven't seen, etc.

Thanks for the positive comment there though, that the quality of posts is usually higher. That's one thing I think I try and pride myself in.

I'm not out to try and beat everyone else, otherwise I'd be hiring writers for nothing, getting them to write for me and concentrating on marketing.

I'm here to write about film which is a huge passion of mine and hopefully find people to discuss with and get engaged in conversations.

What I find though is that loads of people read, say nothing, and if I make a mistake some are quick to leap, and that can be frustrating sometimes.

I still love period/costume dramas and since I admire Emily Blunt, I will see this one too!

Well, twelve years ago I created an emulator for the ZX Spectrum, called zx32. I spent a lot of time on it, never made a single penny out of it, millions of people downloaded it, got literary thousands of e-mails. The vast majority were people complaining, usually for no reason at all, as if they were paying customers (and then some).

I had to serve my army duty from 1998 to 2000, couldn't keep up with the development afterwards, so I abandoned the project. People are still finding ways to contact me and express their gratitude, though (I stopped paying for a long time ago). And I realized that, along with the very vocal minority, there's this thing called the silent majority ;-)



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