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Spread trailer online

AshtonKutcher.jpgSpread is the latest film starring Ashton Kutcher and the trailer seems to take advantage of his Hollywood image. He plays a man who has slept and played his way into the partying elite, using his charm and sexual prowess to gain everything he has.

One day at a diner he meets a waitress who is doing the same thing that he is, and they begin trying to play off of each other and compete in a game of one-upmanship with each trying to beat the other in gaining access to the rich and powerful, however real life is catching up fast.

The trailer is a little bit confusing, but it does look like a rough cut. The film itself sounds really interesting as it's directed by David Mackenzie of Hallam Foe fame, and stars Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche.

The blurb for Spread gives us some interesting things to think about too, saying that it draws inspiration from films like American Gigolo and Shampoo, both excellent films, and comparisons that you can see in that short trailer. Yet there's a little bit of an edge I get in the film, and I so hope that this is more than a romantic comedy where the two characters realise that there's more to what they are doing and fall in love, hopefully there's more depth.

I do think there might be too, and Mackenzie is the key there for me. The trailer for Spread suggests more depth and tension, and the blurb also hints at the examination of a shallow life that these two con artists are enjoying, for when they're not on a high they're living at friend's apartments or in cheap motels, left utterly alone.

The blurb also tells us that the best friend of Kutcher's character is realising what his relationship is worth with his friend as he constantly becomes the fall back when he has no woman he's playing.

Have a watch of the trailer and see if you see more than a romantic Kutcher comedy, I do.

You know though, the one funny thing is that it's about a young good looking guy playing the rich and powerful ladies to get his spotlight, and in there there's the hint that he's turning to older ladies who he can have more fun with and control over. I find that reflection amusing for his real life, although in no way do I think he's really doing that, it's just an amusing comparison.



this is a leaked trailer. it is not cleared for public viewing. please remove it asap.

Trailer Addict hosted the trailer and they've removed it so no one can see it now. Nowt to do with me and as long as it was available I'd embed it.



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