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Bullock's All About Steve trailer online

SandraBullock.jpgOh dear me, what is Sandra Bullock doing to her career with this latest piece of rubbish. Not only is she looking far from healthy but she's playing the same character she's always done just ramped up a couple of thousand degrees in the neuroses department.

I can say without conviction this looks utterly dreadful. For just how dreadful why don't you take a look, and have a sick bag ready.

The film stars Sandra Bullock as a woman who chases a news reporter around the country to try and get him to fall in love with her, because she's as desperate for love as she is for her career to succeed...oh, I'm confusing her characters with real life.

It also also stars Bradley Cooper and Thomas Haden Church, and you might think that there should be something salvageable in there. No. There's not.

What happened to Sandra Bullock? She was once good, but then I can only pick out her role in Speed, 28 Days and Crash as anything standing out from the rest of the romantic rubbish.

Oh dear lord, this looks utterly painful and horribly clichéd. Okay the mine joke was pretty funny, but the rest of it?




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