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Stone of Destiny trailer online

StoneofDestiny.jpgThe Stone of Destiny trailer is online here, for those of you who didn't know, it's about a group of students who steal back a relic of Scottish monarchy from the English museum it was displayed in and successfully manage to return it to Scotland, albeit for a brief period in 1951.

The trailer doesn't do the film, or the story, justice, but it's worth watching and seeing the talent that's appearing, with Charlie Cox, Kate Mara, Billy Boyd and the superb Robert Carlyle.

The Stone of Destiny, often referred to as the Stone of Scone, is a stone that was once kept at the Abbey in Scone in Scotland. For centuries it was the stone upon which all monarchs of Scotland were crowned from the very first King back in 847.

In 1296 Edward I stole the stone as spoils of war and took it to Westminster Abbey where it was built into a St. Edward's Chair and used for the coronation of all English and British monarchs.

The stone remained there until 1950, when on Christmas Day a group of Scottish students stole the stone and returned it to Scotland, albeit briefly. During the heist it was broken, along with one of the students toes, and the two pieces travelled seperately to Scotland where they were repaired and passed into the hands of the Church of Scotland. They informed the police and the stone was returned to Westminster Abbey.

The Stone of Destiny film is a light-hearted look at their story, as the Scottish students attempt to recover the stone to its rightful place in Scotland, avoiding the British authorities on the way.

You can see the trailer below, and while I do feel it's not the best trailer I've seen and it's not very well edited - perhaps that's more down to the upload online - but it is a good film, and does tell the true story in an entertaining way.



Fascinated by anything Scottish really especially after we had a tour around the Isle of Skye via Rabbies's last year and this was one of the things our amiable tour guide discussed, so it would be great to see the film treatment of it. Cant see the trailer at work, have to wait till I get home tonight!



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