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Aronofsky remaking The Fountain

TheFountain_Poster.jpgAlthough Darren Aronofsky isn't exactly remaking his own film The Fountain, he has revealed that he's going to be re-editing it with footage that has ever been seen before to make a different telling of the story.

He says it would be more of an alternative version, something that sounds akin to the tinkering that Ridley Scott performed on Blade Runner, although I doubt we'll be looking at multiple versions for The Fountain.

Darren Aronofsky was talking about The Wrestler, but one comment popped out, the fact that he's considering a "reassembly" of the film...

"It wouldn't be a 'director's cut"

He says, to MTV through /Film, that the film would include a lot of footage not used in the final version and would be a retelling of the story.

From what he's saying it sounds like he would be working on telling something different rather than just rediting, adding back in deleted scenes, and making The Fountain longer. It seems that Aronofsky has bigger plans in store for the film.

I'm keen for this kind of rework of a film, Director's cuts all too often mean just adding in scenes that were once removed, and for me that's just an easy way out and a quick marketing ploy. Oh yes, there's often something more to be had, and sometimes it really is what the director wanted to do, but more often than not these days it's for a quick buck.

This though, this is a true Director's cut, a cut belonging to the director, a version that was different from the one released under commercial and studio pressure. Definitely one to see.



Great news. Love The Fountain, and am a big fan of Aronofsky's work. Hope this does happen and doesn't go the way of the Kill Bill re-edit that's never happened.

Got the DVD recently, just couldnt find the time to see it and now they will remake it?

Interesting, I actually didn't take to the Fountain, even though I'm a fan of Aranofsky and everyone around me loves it so I should really revisit it. I'd be cautious though. When Richard Kelly did a director's cut of Donnie Darko, it truly was a director's cut, putting in the actual music he wanted (because he could now afford the rights) and adding in pointless SFX and basically removing any of the ambiguity or individual viewer interpretation which made the original so amazing. I'm not saying Aranofsky is going to ruin the picture (hell I may even like his cut) but I'd be very very cautious

Yeah, but whether it's better or worse for film fans it's an interesting time to see the Director's desired version against the commercial version.

Even more interesting seeing which is actually better!!



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