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Van Damme turned down Stallone's The Expendables

VanDamme.jpgIt seems that Jean-Claude Van Damme had the chance to sign up to Sylvester Stallone's film The Expendables and even had Stallone on the phone to him personally offering him the role.

However for some insane reason he turned it down and the result was the Filmstalker story of Dolph Lundgren getting signed up.

So that's cool on the Dolph Lundgren front, but Jean-Claude Van Damme saying no?! What was he thinking? Well apparently he doesn't want to have his career going down “that route” - that route? What, a huge cast action film that could propel him back into the mainstream spotlight?

Well maybe, that seems to be what he's saying if the rumour is true.

According to a source Moviehole through AITH Van Damme was asked and said no.

“They offered the role to a couple of other actors, like JCVD, before they went to Dolph...

...Seems as soon as Van Damme nixed Sly's offer...Sly went to the other Universal Soldier and offered him the part.”

Oh dear me, what has he done. There's a by-line there that a part may have been offered to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the production couldn't take the cost and Arnie is far too busy anyway, despite looking out for projects.

That aside though, Van Damme turning down this project is a real missed opportunity. With Sylvester Stallone calling you up and offering you a role in his latest action film, hot off the success of a revived, and closed, Rambo and Rocky Balboa (Filmstalker review), what do you say?

It make you wonder what direction Van Damme wants to go, definitely not that of fame and fortune I imagine, and from the sounds of it definitely not one of mainstream action films.

With Van Damme appearing in Universal Soldier III: A New Beginning you might be thinking what the different is, it would seem he's just choosing not to become mainstream.

Irony indeed though, as Dolph Lundgren gets passed up for Universal Soldier 3, he takes the place that Van Damme turned down in The Expendables alongside Stallone, Jet Li and Jason Statham. Stacking these against each other in the box office I know which one will win, after all Universal Soldier 3 won't even make it to a box office.



Nobody has commented on this?... Is everybody crazy?

WTF is JCVD thinking at? this will be the Action Movie of the Century!

What is that crap about Story, and Character... he first needs to get in-the-team, take a couple of shots, work with the writers to either know what is all about, or to suggest what he feels would be good to the movie, and that's all... probably Sly didn't have the whole picture when he firsth approached JCVD.

I'm a great fan of Jean Claude, this is a must for his career, this is for the sake of the "Action Flicks" genre, for all of us who grew dreaming of such a film with a "Dream Team" of action heroes.

Jeanc Claude, please...consider it... this is going to be history!

JCVD was one of my favorite action heroes as a kid. I'm sorry to see him turn down this role. It would have been great seeing all those icons of action in one movie.

Plase E-mail me bak and tell me jean claud van damme is life or die i have plan to make movie he is one of them

Shocking that JCVD could be so clueless! I can understand if he was clinging to not being cast in B movies as a washed up face, but HE'S BEEN THAT FOR TEN+ yrs! "Doesn't want his career going down that route?" What a Joke! Since I've learned of this here in Dec 2009, I've been trying to imagine what Stallone's reaction was when being told that. I'M even a bit offended, & I have nothing to do with the film or care either way.
After being retired since 1980, he's going to compete in a fight in 2010 but I dunno how this plays any role in his choice. What an utterly dumb move by Jean.

I think it's very clear that the opinion of people is that JCVD has made a huge career mistake by not taking on the role in The Expendables and we'll see Dolph Lundgren rise from this I reckon...as long as he doesn't go back to his lesser roles again.

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"JVCD" is everything but a casual B-Movie and "Eagle Path" sounds like a romantic drama. Maybe he is just looking for a image change. So what? Things were not so great for him in the last couple of years. It`s extremly disapointing, but he surely has his reasons.

What is Van Damme thinking?

I am on of his greatest fans and is waiting to see him on screen, and I can't believe he turned down an offer like that.

JCVD turned it down because he didn't approve of the offered characters role of losing a fight to Jet Li. He thought he was a bigger star than Li and shouldn't lose to him on film. First off, it's a film. Fiction. Who cares if you lose. Obviously he has signed up for the sequel. Since he is supposedly a villain in this next installment, maybe he felt better about losing to a different character. Oh well. Depending on whether his character dies, this will more than likely be his last role in a movie that makes it to the box office. Kind of fitting actually. Seeing that he was never a real martial artist but a ballerina. Seriously. Look it up.

Wow, someone hates JVCD!



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