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Three Men and a Baby sequel

ThreeMenandaBaby.jpgI find it hard to believe the ideas that Hollywood has sometimes, particularly in the field of remakes and sequels, and the latest news today of two new films is perhaps the hardest to fathom. There's going to be a sequel to the films Three Men and a Baby and Three Men and a Little Lady, imaginatively titled Three Men and a Bride.

The news also reveals that the original cast are ready to get on board the film, and there's a sketchy plot outline all ready.

According to Steve Guttenburg himself they're all on board, but only hopeful for the film to actually get made.

"Tom Selleck, Ted Damson and I are looking to make another Three Men and a Baby film...It's called Three Men and Bride. The script is pretty much written and we are really keen to get that made. We're very hopeful."

Probably more hopeful than we are, that's for sure. Oh okay, the original was some fun, but can they really bleed another film out of the idea?

Well apparently they can, for this blurb from The Guardian suggests that they've already got the story line nicely laid out, but how much does this make you think Father of the Bride times three?

Three Men and a Bride will feature the team as a trio of middle-aged men brought together at the wedding of an American girl who regards each of them as a surrogate dad.

It's hard to believe, or perhaps remember, that the original Three Men and a Baby (my lord, it was actually called 3 Men and a Baby!) was the biggest Hollywood film of 1987. The sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady (also swapping the number for the word), did not do so well but still featured the three actors, Guttenburg, Ted Danson and Tom Selleck.

While the newspaper article suggests that the inspiration for the film has come from Mamma Mia! (Filmstalker review), I'm not so sure. Yes the film features three men all of whom could be the father of the bride, but the films are going to be wildly different, for the main part this won't be a musical, nor will it be based on a hugely successful stage show, nor will it feature musical numbers based on hugely popular songs that get people singing and dancing. Another aspect that this film will miss is the mystery of who is the father - wasn't that already proven in one of the previous films?

Wow, it already looks like it's up against it. What it will have going for it are the three stars who did share a good on screen chemistry, and the idea could give rise to some good comedy moments. However it does feel like it's all been done already.

Seriously, do you think this could work?



Noo noo noo.

The first one was sad and funny, the sequel was dire, I'd hate to think how the third one is going to turn out.

Are these guys desperate for money? That or they've had a frontal lobotomy.

I think it sounds fun! 80s nostalgia is a business in itself these days, and gets bums on seats. I'd love to see those three guys in a film again. As I said, it would be fun. And I just don't see what's wrong with going to the movies and enjoying yourself watching a bit of light entertainment? Besides, it would be great to see Guttenberg make a comeback!



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