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Fincher's serial killing Chef

KeanuReeves.jpgDavid Fincher directing Keanu Reeves, now there's a rumour and a half, and it appears to be a true rumour at that – by that I mean the rumour has been made public, not that it's turned out to be true, well not yet anyway.

The only other piece of information that has been revealed is that the project is called Chef. Now that's intriguing.

You have to wonder what this means, and with David Fincher in charge there's the suggestion that it might be something dark, something a little off the norm. Is a serial killing Chef too much to think on? Mind you, Keanu Reeves as a serial killer would be a great casting choice I think, but perhaps just too much of an obvious thought don't you think?

The question is what could this project possibly be about? There's plenty of speculation, especially over at Empire who found the story over at Production Weekly, but so far we have no idea.

There are some chef related films in the pipeline, how about Will Smith producing the story of Jeff Henderson, an imprisoned drug dealer who taught himself cooking and became a top Las Vegas chef, at the time he was only producing and there was no word if he was going to star, but it's a potential candidate isn't it?




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