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Russell Brand on Pirates 4 rumour

RussellBrand.jpgOne of the strangest rumours about Pirates of the Caribbean 4, was that Russell Brand could be joining the cast. He was rumoured to be playing Jack Sparrow's brother.

Now someone has asked Brand himself about the rumour, and I still don't know if it's possible or not.

It was early October when we heard the rumour that not only could Tim Burton be directing the fourth Pirates film, but that Russell Brand could be playing Jack Sparrow's brother. It all seemed a bit unlikely, but stranger things have happened. MTV asked Brand about the rumour:

I’ve seen some talk about that matter but I think they’re still writing the script. I am having a skull and crossbones tattooed on each of my nipples in anticipation of the plotline. I just hope it doesn’t affect my other work in Jane Austen adaptations.

It wasn't a flat out no, but it wasn't exactly a serious reply either. So we're going to have to wait before we find out if it's true or not. Would you want Russell Brand in Pirates of the Caribbean 4?



I don't want to see Brand in anything. Calling the emergency services during a stage show to 'make a joke' is the height of stupidity and he deserves to watch his career go down the pan as a result, which sadly it won't.

Additionally, he's not funny.

Everything I can find about the original article and how I interpret his response is that it's a rumour, nothing more, and Brand hasn't heard anything.

I'm with you. I'm not a fan of his at all. I would say that recent events might harm his career, but as you say, it's unlikely.

hey leave ol' russ alone i think hes well funny! if u dnt like him dnt watch it! youve got 2 admit hes gd at wot he does!i hope he is in pirates 4!

I think Pirates has its own problems now, no Gore Verbinski is a big hit for the franchise, and I think that would definitely kill any chance of the big name stars returning.

...unless the cash is upped enough for them to appear in a lesser sequel.



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