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Second new Star Trek trailer online in HD

StarTrekStill3.jpgIt's been two weeks since the initial Star Trek trailer for J.J. Abrams film appeared online. Even as a non Star Trek fanatic I was impressed, we haven't had to wait to o long for an amended version either.

A slightly different version is online with a nice twist at the end. I won't spoil it for you.

J.J. Abrams Star Trek film has had us all talking for a while, and the trailer didn't disappoint. Now AICN have a new version, much of the same footage appears but there is a different ending to it. A small but rather cool change.

You can see it at the links below, in Quicktime HD. We'll try and hunt down an embeddable version too. Have a look and let us know what you think.

[Richard] As promised, here's the flash trailer, so if you don't want to download the full high definition trailer, that's the new Star Trek one with the revealing end shot, you can see it below. Prepare yourself, it's a corker.



I was watching that Louise and quite honestly I thought you'd messed up.

My humblest apologies though. The trailer is entirely the same until that last scene - stick with it people, that last scene is worth it.

Big smile.

Awesome! About tme, I'm sick of fascist embedding and greed by Apple, stopping you downloading a trailer unless you buy a license for the new Quicktime! Trailers should be freely available to download, it's in the studios interest for one, to spread interest in the movie!
The trailer looks awesome by the way! There are always going to be disappointed Trekky purists who have set ideals as Trek is such an entrenched culture, a religion for some, so deviation from their exact vision of Trek is tantamount to heresy. Ignore them, the Trailer is brilliant!



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