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McG Film-maker of the year!

McG.jpgBelieve it or not McG is receiving the honour of being made Film-maker of the year, and that’s before we see anything of Terminator Salvation, the film which really could turn around people’s views of him.

In Bejing on December the 11th, McG will receive the Kodak Filmmaker of the Year award at the CineAsia convention in Macau.

Mitch Neuhauser, co-managing director of the CineAsia convention, said of the director through The Hollywood Reporter:

"McG is one of the most exciting, talented and respected filmmakers working in the film industry today…"

Okay, so the fact comes with the story that Charlie’s Angels had the largest ever box office opening for a film from a first time director and in the U.S. earned US $40 million on that opening which propelled it to the number one film. It went on to earn more than US $250 million worldwide.

Great, well done, that’s a landmark, and the film and the franchise is damn fun whatever critics say. Yet does McG deserve an honour for film-maker of the year in 2008? Well quite frankly no, and I can’t really see why he would.

Terminator Salvation hasn’t been finished, although it is shaping up really well. When we see it we might be thinking of this honour, but surely not just now.

Let’s look at what he’s delivered in 2008. Nothing. How does that make him film-maker of the year?

In 2006 he made We Are Marshall, then we head back to 2003 for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle with Charlie’s Angel in 2000.

Of course it could be for all his television production on Chuck, Supernatural, Exposed and The Pussycat Dolls Present shows.

I’m not knocking the guy, really, I have enjoyed his films and I’m really looking forward to Terminator Salvation because I have this hope he’s going to deliver the old Terminator feel with something bigger. However I can’t see why he’s receiving this honour especially for this year.



He looks like someone I can't stand and for that reason I'm travelling into the future.



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