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Reeves talks Let The Right One In remake

LetTheRightOneIn.jpgMatt Reeves has been talking about his remake of Let The Right One in. The director of the original wasn't best pleased with the announcement of the remake.

Now Reeves has explained his take on the story, and a few of the things he plans to change.

Tomas Alfredson directed Låt den rätte komma in (Let The Right One In), a Swedish horror film with a difference. Unfortunately it hasn't had a huge release making it difficult for some of us to see. Word is though that it is a great film. An alienated and bullied young boy, befriends a girl who helps him get revenge. He soon discovers her secret though, but it fails to lessen his bond with her. You can see the trailer here.

Alfredson was none too happy when an American remake was announced. You can read his comments here. It's going ahead regardless though, and Matt Reeves has been talking about his plans for the film.

First of all he plans on changing the location, not a surprise for an American remake.

I’m keeping it in the early 80s. I love the setting of it being in a snowy locale. I’ve been thinking of Colorado, maybe Littleton.

So same era different location, so everyone can speak English and we don't have to read subtitles. He also spoke to MTV about remaking it for an American audience.

The movie and the book are incredibly Swedish yet there’s something so universal about the tale of this kid and something that in the context of an American story could be completely different while being very consistent with the original story. There’s something about it that can be an American mythic tale.

He's not winning me over here. He also talked about the original film and what attracted him to it.

It’s a terrific movie and a fantastic book. I think it could be a really touching haunting and terrifying film. I’m really excited about what it could be.

Now I haven't seen the original. But isn't it entirely possible that it is already a "touching, haunting and terrifying film"? Having only seen the great looking trailers, I don't know why this remake bugs me so much. I guess it's the fact that someone has possibly made a unique film, but in Swedish and minus a big name American actor or two. Let's remake it so that it fits in with the norm.

Anyone out there who has seen the original film? Are you interested in the American remake? Are my gut instincts right?



I have seen the original and absolutely loved it, such a sweet touching movie.....albeit with vampires. Has there ever been a remake of a movie that was better than the original? The Manchurian Candidate remake was certainly good and well updated but I still prefer the original any day. Funny Games remake which was basically a shot for shot remake by the same director was still not as good as the original. [Rec] one of the best horrors of the last few years and certainly very scary has been remade as Quarantine for lazy people who dont like subtitles, I for one will certainly not be seeing Quarantine, just based on the trailer it looks stupid. I dont think I would be going to see a remake of Let The Right One In because the original was just so fantastic that theres no way a remake and an American remake at that could ever hope to be any better.

I think there's a great arrogance in the way Reeves is talking in that last paragraph. Has he just forgotten the original film? Is he saying that it's not haunting, scary and touching already?

Let's face it the real answer is that there are subtitles and a foreign language, and the general American audiences need it remade without either.

I have seen this movie and read the book. It is fantastic and cannot be improved upon - by far my favourite movie of 2008. Turning it into some homogenized Hollywood crap will FAIL

This man must be stopped.

I've seen the original at the Tribeca Film Festival and I think it's a flawless movie in terms of direction, acting and cinematography. However, I have to say that not having read the book at some point during the movie I thought that the vampire girl didn't really exist but was a metaphore, a take on the imaginary-buddy-that-helps-you-deal-with-the-real-world of the coming of age narrative. I think that if it had been the case, it would have really given the story a universal appeal. But apparently the girl was meant to be a real vampire (at least the director was very litteral about this) and the movie remains a vampire story (with a very limited audience). So I can see a great american director, like David Fincher, make something equally great from the same material (not sure about Matt Reeves though).

I dont want to sound ignorant, but i thought the original movie had too many slow parts in it. Actually there were very few parts in the movie that didnt seem to crawl by. I loved the story and the characters, but i just found myself bored.

I think the American remake can be a good thing if the storyline stays the same. Since the original wasn't the easiest to find (most theatres do not play foreign films), and not everybody wants to sit through a film where you have to read subtitles and cannot read print in the film, this remake could open up America's eyes to a great story.

I say give it a chance, the original movie left me wanting more and yes it is the best film I've ever seen.But were not all blind we know what we want from the film and I'm sure the director knows as well so I say give it a try then decide what is good about it and not.

Futher more what I meant about what we want and don't want is that I hope Eli is 100% female without a doubt in this film.And that Oskar is atleast given the choice as to wether or not he would like to become a Vampier.

If you disagree please let me know.

Well you may be right Gregory, maybe we should give them the chance, but it's so hard to in a world of Hollywood remakes right, left and center. How do you find the good from the bad?

well it's like this hollywood is a crap shoot. but in this case the man is going off the book and I think I know why they choose Mat Reeves take a good look at Cloverfield it was similar to Let the right one in. so I say it will be good. it's just said the same girl won't be in it.

Besides to find the good in the bad just JUDGE the movie one at a time.

one question does anyone at all know if there is going to be a part 2 to Let the right one in?

well, i have never been impressed by hollywood remakes. but sometimes they ended up generating interest in the originals- which is a good thing. now, i have seen the movie and read the book- and they are fantastic and cannot be improved upon. certainly if the remake is approached the hollywood way. seeing as no one can stop the remake from happening, i hope it would at least create more awareness for the movie.

i just wish people had patience with subtitles.

Gregory, don't think there is going to be a Part 2, just the US remake for those who can't read subtitles and want the action faster, and right in their faces.

Natalie, I share your frustrations!

The original is amazing. DO NOT REMAKE IT. PERIOD.

the origional of this movie is amazing...

i hate american re-makes so much!!!!

you've got...

Ringu - the ring
Ju On - the grudge
Kairo - pulse
One missed call
dark water... the list goes on and on i'm supprised you haven't remade 'old boy' by now and ruined that for me too

why can't you read subtitles? and whats this the film is too swedish? OF COURSE ITS SWEDISH BECAUSE IT IS SWEDISH!!!

anyhow i'm disappointed with everyone involved with remaking yet another great film into a pointless waste of time and money that will end up in the pound shops...

The Ring is a pretty good remake though, and Dark Water isn't awful. The big problem though is their lack of subtlety.

I agree, and I'm glad to see there are plenty of other people who don't want to see films remade just to remove the subtitles!



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