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The Last Dragon remake with Jackson

TheLastDragon.jpgWhen I saw this story something flashed in my head, The Last Dragon? I'm sure I remember that film, and Samuel L. Jackson's name was attached so I thought I'd read it. Then I saw the picture of the villain and I remembered that I really enjoyed the movie when it first came out, I just couldn't remember much about it.

So I tracked down an extended trailer for the film, a trailer that actually gives away the entire original film! Luckily I found another one that's much less revealing. However cheesy it looks I like the idea of a remake...but Samuel L. Jackson? Not so sure.

You see the baddie in the film, Sho'nuff, or the Shogun of Harlem, does a fair bit of martial arts, is pretty fit, and without any offence intended to the great Samuel L. Jackson, he's a bit older for the role I would think...and does he know Kung-Fu? Just plug him in to the Hollywood Matrix.

The film is a pretty standard tale in the martial arts series of films that came out of Hollywood, but I liked this one a little more than Karate Kid et al, because it has a much more advanced martial artist good guy, and contains a lot more Bruce Lee nods and references. It's more like the final chapter in the artist's journey, rather than the opening ones.

You know I've said that and it sounds pretty good, but to be honest, looking at the trailers now it looks cheesy and dated. However that still means fun! Looking at a modern remake might be a great idea, the question is could Samuel L. Jackson really pull off the lead bad guy?

Apparently so. According to /Film he's signed for the part and the film is being written by Dallas Jackson, the head of the record label DJ Classicz and RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan is producing. Now considering how much music was involved in the original, I would guess that this is a good move, and that we're going to see a much more Hip-Hop inspired film.

The original starred Taimak as Leroy Green, a young black martial arts artist who is searching for the final level of his training, a mysterious energy called The Glow. On the way he becomes involved in the rescuing of a singer called Laura Charles, played by Vanity, from her rather insane music promoter, and battle another martial artist called Sho'nuff, played by Julius Carry, who seems to be on a similar quest, albeit a much darker one.

Here are the original trailers to take a look at, what do you think? Could a new remake with Samuel L. Jackson really work?

Shortened trailer with no spoilers

Extended trailer with complete film spoilers



LOVE this movie. A hip hop update is a fantastic idea, or it would be if hip hop was still good. But I have to say I trust RZA's judgment.

However, Sam Jack is WAAAY too old to play Sho Nuff. This is a young people's story. The target audience is teens and young adults. They really need to give some new stars a chance. What about Anthony Mackie?

i remember The Last Dragon being a kind of disco influenced mystical martial arts movie- It played as another tribute movie to the memory of Bruce Lee as well as a coming of age movie for Taimak's character which was a cross between Kwai Chang Caine and Calimero (the animated chicken with an egg shell over his head!!)-He wanders throughout the movie in a traditional black Chinese clothing-another decade earlier and the Last Dragon would have been labelled another 'blaxploitation' picture.
The question whether Samuel L Jackson can carry it off as a villain- depends how camp his villain is going to be.
The real question should be - does the Last Dragon really need a remake?????!!!!

I heard that they are remaking The Last Dragon with Samuel Jackson. Great, I can’t wait to see who the pick to play “Bruce” Leroy Green. They should get Glenn Bradley he has great Kung Fu skills.


I cant wait to see it. When I found out that they were remaking this movie with Samuel Jackson I screamed...lol They need to get Glenn Bardley in there, he was sooo hot in Prison Break and I cant wait to see The Final Fight.

I agree with Katina. They do need Glenn Bradley as Bruce Leroy. If you havnt seen him yet check out this link he is bad
I think he is the next big star.

I think Busta Rhymes would be better as Sho'Nuff and Glenn Bradley as Leroy Green.

HAHA i have been saying that about Busta rhymes since i was like little that is amazing!

Great advert there for Glenn Bradley - Katina Whitfield, Andrew Rodriguez and Smurf are all on the same IP address...coincidence?

Lakeitha you are spot on, Busta Rhymes would be superb for the role! Get him cast now!

Thanks for the observation Richard...we work at the same place and watched Glenn's trailer together you should check it out and show your friends. Wouldn't you agree that we need new faces in Hollywood? Show some love for the other good actors

Okay Smurf, fair enough, but there's no need to multiple post the trailer link in your comment, we've got it already!

I think busta would be the last person I would want in my all time favorite he sucks as an actor! And samuel l way too old. This was more of a could have happen than a spoof and it should be brought back to life as close to the last one as possible. Hopefully it will be as good as the last one cause there will only be one shot at this, its not like the hulk where they gave it more goes then a friday the 13th. They need to find characters that closely resemble the origionals. Period.

As long as they make it as cheesey as the original film this should be fun to see. After all it was the over the top villans and the stereotypical western guy trying to be a kung fu Asian which made this film such a cult classic.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Samuel L. Jackson one of my favorite actors, but I just don't see him as Sho Nuff. I can see him more playing the Mr. Miyagi for the Karate Kid remake. I do like the thought of Busta playing the part. Not sure for Bruce Leroy though. At any rate, I look forward to this movie.

Well, its too late to cast anyone else in ShoNuff's roll. I wouldn't have gone with Sam nor Busta. and I don't think Glenn looks the part either. They should definitely look for a new face, but remember the innocence and tenacity of Taimak...that's the face they need, he played the cornball roll to a tee, because he was a cornball. The support characters have to be spot on too...Johnny and his little brother...eddie arcadian...and who's gonna take the roll of Chaz Palminteri and William H Macy?

How would you like to see a big name cast then? Do you think it would work, or would it have to be a smaller, independent group of actors? Any suggestions for actors for the parts yourself?


Unless this Remake is going to be a really really good movie, they should not remake the
film. The original Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon was made for the 80's era and reflects a
certain culture/nostalgia that cannot be recreated unless they change the whole character/
demeanor of the movie. The music that accompanied the movie was also a big part/contributing factor of the tone of the movie. That movie was great and I am not going to sit there idle while the
directors/writers and filmmakers create a sub-par/crappy remake. There is no business
remaking a movie like this. Maybe these filmmakers should come up with an original idea once
in a while instead of making one crappy remake after another. Seriously, most likely this
new remake is going to be average at best. They should make a sequel if anything...that
might be interesting if they did it right. Also, how many movies can Samuel L. Jackson be
in. He is a good actor but it seems like he is in every other movie that comes out.Anyways,
either produce a really really good quality remake, create a sequel, or don’t bother at all.

The RZA and The Last Dragon.............the most perfect comination!! Only the RZA could add that signature martial arts feel!!! GO RZA!!

i think snoop dogg should be sho nuff hes comical and has the lanky longhaired look that sho nuff had that made him unique they have to make the curl the same if they redo the movie. o and beyonce should be laura charles

DO IT..... DO IT........ DO IT....... I've been a fan of the movie since i was a baby. It came out the year i was born. A remake is what needed right now. Personally I would love to have a new one in my library one day. I just want to know who is going to play Leroy.

they need to get TONY VALENTE to play bruce leroy. this guy is wild!

It SHOULD be a series set in the eighties instead!

Busta used to be an ideal pick for Sho'nuff, but he's picked up a little too much weight now. I agree with Beyonce or maybe even Megan Good for the part of Laura Charles. Just imagine what the special effects are gonna be like now with the advancement of film technology! OMG!

Kawika is right, they can't pull it off. This movie is for the 80's. The music, the dancing, it all showcased an era. You don't update something like this. They should take the risk of an original idea and let a classic be a classic. You can't improve Sho-Nuff saying, ". . . catchin bullets with his teeth?! Ni**a please." I don't care how much we like Samuel Jackson cursing. Did anyone see him as the bad guy in The Spirit? He should just be a Jedi.

tony valente is the real bruce lee roy!

tony valente is the real bruce lee roy!

I think that model/actress TAE HECKARD should play Vanity. Fresh and sexy, she's HOT!!!! and yes, i know she's asian/black but if it's a remake, it can be a plus!!

tony valente already has a movie contract with spy glass entertainment. he can't do the remake. his movie comes out on youtube.com called Tony Vigilante its about a janitor that fights Dirt and Grime, coming to a PC near you. LOL

Tony Valente was in the chamber of fear with Lebron James and is the last stundent of JIM Kelly. And does standup comedy. I think hes a great choice!!!!!

although my tony valente lost a few fights. i think he is the best choice for Bruce Leroy. I love you Tony. your my MAN.

Tony Valente he is Bruce Leroy I saw him with a rice patty hat and bamboo slipers in china town giving a demo with two chinese hip hop hunnie's

glen bradly is too ugly to play that part. his kung fu is softer than taimak!

Tony Valente is the real Bruce Lee roy. I seen his one inch punch live. amazing jkd student

This movie was the BOMB! I absolutely loved it and although people may watch it now and find it cheezy, well it's a classic the best of the 80s.

I think Pooch Hall from the tv show "The Game" would be perfect to play Bruce Leroy Green. He has ALL the qualities you could possibly want in Leroy.

He's young, fresh, hot, he can fight and he is truly talented if you haven't seen his work you should definately check him out on "the Game" Friday nights on CW @ 8:30pm. Miracle's Boys is on DVD. Just to name some of his work.

I'm a HUGE fan and I see him doing big things.

Totally! Big fan of "The Game". I can sooo see Pooch Hall playing Bruce Leroy Green.

Loved the Original. My favorite picks for lead roles for the cast would be:

Leroy Green... Pooch Hall
Laura Charles... Alicia Keys
Sho'Nuff... Busta Rhymes
Eddie Arkadian ... James Alexander

I hope they keep alot of the campyness of the movie that made the original a classic.

I think they should be looking at the Last Dragon 2. I mean Sho Nuff and Eddie Arcadia has been in jail along time now. And even if Mr. Jackson plays Sho Nuff wouldnt Busta Rhymes make and awesome Sho Nuff Jr. The movie could start off with Sho and Eddie in jail still together Sho is Eddie's body guard in prison as they plot on they're revenge for Leroy. Leroy's has continued to live peacefully in the glow golden glow and is alerted to an oncomimg storm........... ha ha im telling you ya'll need to look me up. don't know bady want to see a remake take it to the next level. And with todays technology this movie could become more than any of you ever thought. It could make millions not to mention how many people are going to want part one to refresh there memories of the characters.

Huge mistake. Another remake of a movie with a good cult following made by people with no origonal ideas. I put this up there with the Karate Kid remake as two giant mistakes that need to be rethought.

I think a part 2 instead of a remake is a great idea. The idea of Sho'Nuff in jail played by SLJ and Jr by Busta is great. I can see Jason Alexander from Sienfeld as Eddie Arkadien. Taimak could still play Leroy Green, although they would have to make him look a little older so his son doesn't look too close in age with him. He's lookin GOOOOOD at 40.

Any reason why there's a need to remake a film that does not need it? I'm watching the last dragon right now. Some of the reasons these movies have the following they do is because of the charm, the setting, cast, and a snapshot of the era. This is a marginal movie at best, but it's good because of when it came out, If this movie is put out today, a whole other movie. Same goes for the remake of the "karate kid." Are there no more indendent thoughts. If it's a copy then it's a copy, but an all an out remake, then [expletive removed - Richard] you.

this is hands down my favorite movie of all time.... im not sure if i like the idea of a remake....

Loved the Original.
the best for lead roles for the cast would be
Leroy Green... taimak
Laura Charles... Alicia Keys
Sho'Nuff... Busta Rhymes
Eddie Arkadian ... James Alexander
Faith Prince Cindy lauper :)

none of y'all understand the Shogun of Harlem. he is the baddest mo fo low down in this place. They need to cast the originals- the Sho' never got over the pain from losin to Leeroy and has been training in prison for the past 20 years and can now glow in 13 different colors and instead of having italian guys and women with big hair as his possee, he has big gay prison men who wear tight stuff and saches. Leeroy has expanded Daddy Green's Pizza all over New York and has lost much of his training and Laura Charles left him for his younger brother. When the Sho' returns, Leeroy once again has to search for the Master. This my friends is the way it should be.

this movie is an absolute classic and is on of my favs. I think making a remake this movie would do poorly in the theaters. The music alone was perfect for this movie back then and if you were to add music from now it would simply not mesh together. Jackson would deffinately be a good sho' nuff but they better get some young black martial artist to play Bruce leroy. I dont think this movie would do good but I would still spend the $10 duckets to watch this flick.

As a lover of The Last Dragon let me say that this movie mezmerized me when I was younger and still does as an adult. However, I would like to see how interesting it would be to make a more modern version. As for Samuel L not knowing martial arts, Shonuff's actor did not know martial arts at all before this film. I say give it an open mind and lets see how it comes out.

Okie Dokey people you are forgetting that this is hollywood and they make anybody action stars nowadays......Age!?!?Come on Kung Fu Masters Are old lol.....dunno why that is even a factor nowadays he got 4 years on wesley snipes and if they told snipes to do another blade movie its gonna get done.AND RON PERLMAN IS 2 years older than him and nobody is bitchin about hellboy 1 or 2 because hollywood did their thang.Sammy did a good job kicking the spirits ass in superhero movie "The Spirit" . I Agree Busta would make for a great sho nuff but hes a little to diesel to pass as Kung Fu Master over looking like a pro wrestler. sammy is gonna bring the people to the box office, we all remember how busta was in that holloween micheal myers horror flick that immedately became a laugh riot once busta started the kung fu on the slasher.

The Last Dragon is one of my favorite movies of all-time a classic. Here is the truth Busta Rhymes would be better but Jackson will fill the seats. That is Hollywoods thoughts. Although I would go see this just to see how bad it is, this is something that should not be done. Bottom line if you can't out do the original hands down you shouldn't try.

I think the singer Cassie would be great to play Laura Charles in the movie. I agree, Busta would look great in the the role as Sho'Nuff. We'll see...

Who's gonna play the asian guys that owned the fortune cookie factory. Agree that Beyonce shld play Laura C.

First things first, I started reading some of the post here and felt compelled to add my 2 cents... here goes;

I remember when The Last Dragon was released, I was approx. 14/15 years old, it was released right around Easter, and in West Philly in the mid 80's, the friends would get together and go to a movie after church to profile in our new gear. That year there were "riots" according to the press but what exactly happened was kids were leaving the movie excited and simply acting silly in the streets of downtown Philly, that was the impact of the movie, and after watching it for myself I was just as excited, didn't know whether I wanted to be Bruce LeRoy or Sho'Nuff, LOL.

Needless to say this is one of my all time favorite movies, I’ve watched it no less that 3 times a year since hitting video, shoot, I can recite the entire final showdown with Sho'Nuff; the charm in this movie is that the story was bigger than the people in the movie, kind of like the undefeated Miami Dolphins, you remember the team but not the players on that team; individually... the drama, the fighting, the music and the acting wasn't what made the movie good; Collectively, they made the movie memorable in addition to the casting… I’d rather see a pre or post addition to the movie, but a remake, if it’s going to be any good, it will need to revisit the original formula and update / polish it up a bit.

Sam Jackson is too big for this idea, as well as a misplaced character, I mean even as Bruce LeRoy’s Pizza Shop Dad or possibly the record producer, he’d still over shadow the film, think about this; who was the biggest star in the original, it was Vanity who at that time was just a face (and body) who sang with Prince. This is not “My Left Foot” or “Citizen Kane”, this is a simple Kung Fu flick with some urban flavor, and it would be like remaking Titanic with Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie & Meryl Streep. Sam Jackson in “A Time to Kill” and “Pulp Fiction”, a gritty performance was needed, I’m not sure his influence or any other A-List actor will be needed to tell this story.

Honestly no matter what’s done in the production of this movie, I’ll probably go see it, and like most remakes, I’ll probably like the original more… One Side NOTE: movie produces need to remember that movies (Entertainment) is a commodity (what’s the demand so we can supply) I’d rather know the beginnings of LeRoy and Sho’Nuff and/or what happened after The Last Dragon with LeRoy and Sho’Nuff than to see if the wheel can be reinvented.

Wow, my 2 cents turned into a dollar! LOL.

At the age of 45, Taimak is still looking good as hell. He can play Bruce Leroy right now. LOL


I think that Samuel L. Jackson would be good to play Sho'nuff. But I think that the girl should be played by Kelly Rowland because at the time Vanity played the part she was popular but not too popular and I don't think that the artist's popularity should overtake the popularity of the movie. But I think that this would be a good popularity boost for her.


This is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time, & it would be blasphemous to remake it! Hollywood has completely run out of ideas, which is why they continue to remake safe classic films or TV shows that everyone love. Unfortunately, when they remake the movies or convert the old TV shows into movies-- THEY SUCK, THEY'RE HORRIBLE! I believe I saw an episode of Southpark where they hit on this same topic, in regards to the latest Indiana Jones film -- they continually made the point that the directors were "raping" Indiana & they were in my opinion. This piece of Art needs to be left exactly how it was found!

You guys are all funny! I want to address Tony who commented back in March really quick though. . Wesley Snipes is around 46 - 47 years old. Sam Jackson is 60-61. That's a lot more than 4 years. I don't think this movie is going to depend on whether they cast Sam or not though. It's going to depend on who directs it and how good of an upgrade they give the story. Choosing Jackson was obviously a way to get this story of a new Last Dragon movie buzzing. And it worked. Rhianna, Ciara or Amarie should play Laura. They all have natural sex appeal similar to Vanities. As we've seen with Julius Carey as Shonuff in the original, Ralph Macio in Karate Kid and Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne in the Matrix, you don't have to be a martial arts master to make a good martial arts flick. They should go with a new-comer for Bruce LeRoy. This person needs to be a little mysterious and have a lot more swagger than Taimak (no offense to our beloved original Last Dragon). This may sound a little cleashay in this age of rapper/actors(raptors), but I've actually heard a little online discussion about a raptor(lmao) named Ozy Reigns playing the part. I hear he unofficially has it locked. With RZA at the helm I wouldn't be surprised. This Ozy dude has a cd named the Last Dragon Mixtape out. I heard some of it and was actually impressed. He is actually a decent actor from a short film I saw on youtube too. We'll see how this all turns out though. RZA should know what he's doing after working closely with Tarantino on Kill Bill and working on the Afro-Samurai movies. Danny DeVito or Joe Pesci should definitly play Arkadian hands down though.

I think Nick Cannon Would be a great Leroy, he is into martial arts, kind of corny and has that lanky but fit build. I think the role would do wonders for his career. I think a good Laura would be Mya or even Jennifer Freeman from My Wife and kids if she can sing a bit.

Nick Cannon would make a great Leroy!! lol... but I def think this should happen. that movie was AWESOME and me and my older bro remember it VIVIDLY but our younger sis doesnt and it would be so nice to go... SEE i told you that movie was great.. If she saw a newer version.. it would def open her up to seeing the older one!! PLEASE DO IT HOLLYWOOD BIG RIGS!!!! SUPPORT THIS IDEA:)

its funny i found this post because i was thinking of writing a script for the last dragon part 2..and what do u know there making a remake...i didnt envision sam jackson in the movie i think busta would make a better sho-nuff an i think personally that they shouldnt remake it but continue it to see what happen to the characters snce

I think that Michael J Pagan should play Bruce Leroy since he knows martial arts and is a great actor. If yall dont know who he is then check out See no evil or How stella got her groove back.

I flipping loved this movie as a kid. Still do. In fact I introduced my 17 year old sister to it last night and she thought it was very cool. As for the remake I'm very iffy about it. I'm worried they'll take everything that made Leroy so awesome and ruin it in favor of some beefed up uncreative macho Hip Hop BS. Remember rap for the most part sucks these days and suffers from the same problem.

Rhianna as Laura Charles? No effing way. That chick can barely speak on camera. Why the hell would anyone think she could carry a movie. Rhianna can barely handle a cover girl commercial.

Jeez why not get a bunch of fresh faced actors who fit the roles. It worked for the original.

I ken jordan had-lived the real life of the last dragon.berry gordy knows this.and i am proud of the movie.its like watching myself.tiamack god bless you.keep doing it.

Michael Jai White should definately bee Bruce Leroy. He is by far the most talented black martial artist out there today... and he's young enough to pull it of.. I wonder how the original Brude Leroy feels about not being chose..

here is a clip of michal jai white in action
not a movie clip.. him really working out


please just train WILL DEMPS for the Bruce Leroy role. the movie was a hit because of taimaks RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS looks. for sho'nuff... how about DON CHEADLE? lol I'm so late to this post but I couldnt help it!!

I love the Last Dragon the original and unless Taimak is in the remake, I might not go see it, Samuel can play Shonuff but Rihanna is not right for Laura Charles Beyonce can fit more of the description but Beyonce has to dye her hair black or darker brown, and Chris Brown should not play Leroy

I don't know how I feel about this remake. The Last Dragon has been my FAVORITE movie since I was 5 years old! I am not speaking hyperbolically here. I have seen this movie so many times, I can tell if it's The Last Dragon by the pops and scratches in the TRI-STAR logo at the opening of the movie! This movie personified classical archetypes of good versus evil for me. There was such tongue and cheek humor in all of the characters and personally, with the exception of Samuel L. Jackson I don't think any of the aforementioned casting ideas in T.L.D. remake are competent enough to honor the legacy of this classic, nor will they be able to bring something exciting and new to the roles. Sum Dum Goy must be honored! Laura Charles was beautiful and sexy but also charming and sweet like a girl next door. My fear, is that in the name of contemporary marketing mores she would be over sexed and she would become a pornographic parody of her original form. Eddy Arkadian was a hilarious Napoleon that was crushed by his own megalomania. Rock, the never was boxer. Sho-Nuff, the crazed by product of fantasy mixed with the oppressive fear of being a nobody in a city of nobodies. Richy, the hilarious comic counter balance to Bruce Leroy's stoic fury and graceful intensity. ( I've been deeply in love with Bruce Leroy since I was a little girl, can you tell?) Regardless, I can go on and on, detail to detail, I LOVE THE LAST DRAGON and I pray that it is not butchered as a remake. This is not capricious criticism, it is merely the plea by a true fan of the movie to remember, "WHO IS THE MASTER?!"

I was on youtube today when I came across this, he would be perfect for the part of Bruce Leroy!

wtf RZA aka bob digi the resserecta aaaaaaawwwwwwwwweeeeeesssssoooommmmmmmeeeeeeee i would pay to be an extra so yeah represent the wu an all ways and the last dragon is the greatest movie ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that Ashley Virgil guy is ridiculously sick! how the hell dose he move like that! he should get the lead if they make this Remake, I would gladly pay to see that dude in a film!

Ashley Virgil for Bruce Leroy!

We need Randy Moss with his big ol' Angela Davis afro head to play Sho'nuff

I just watched this movie for the first time today, and I love it. It's up there with my favorite movies of all time for sure. I would also have to agree that hollywood should just leave this movie alone, but i only say this based off of the track record for remakes... it's not so good. I do agree with the person above that said that Snoop Dogg should play Sho' Nuff. He kinda looks like Sho' Nuff, but I'm not sure that he could be crazy like Sho' Nuff is.

so excited that they are making this!!! have they found a Leroy!?!?! They should use someone that really knows martial arts! Taimak was the real s@$t and this new guy should be too!!! Just saw someone on Spike TV that totally reminded me of BRUCE LEROY! Check out the light skinned brother!



i dont think they need to remake this movie at all. i agree that if they do remake it Busta should play shonuff. i'm really pissed that they are even remaking this and the fact that it RZA.... what the [expletive removed - Richard] is going on here. I DONT TRUST him to remake this. Rhianna as Vanity is crazy to me, she doesnt even fit the role. i say lets get some fresh talent on this film, eager young adults that will give there all to this film.

N***ga puleeze Samuel Jackson as Shonuff you might as get the original sHo nuff they the same age they did that shit when they had him playing Shaft and him and richard roudtree looking like brothers his old ass STOP THE MADNESS who you gonna get to play Leroy ...Sherman Hemsley aka George Jefferson. Hell after samuel jackson do one kick he gone need some ben-gay and geritol. Gimme a break!!!

Dave Chapelle should play Sho Nuff! He will be funny as hell. Put that Rick James wig on

snoop dogg is the only one who should play sho Dj Trademark was right on the money

I just hope they dont have rihanna as Laura Charles.

tony worked for me. what a amazing guy. so strong. ive never seen so many bruce lee posters in my life.!

The Guy that originally played Sho'Nuff - had no martial arts background he was simply an actor that was given some stage combat lessons.

I've written a remake to The Last Dragon that is amazing. But as far casting goes I was looking at Pooch Hall as Leroy and RZA as Sho Gun...I mean he looks just like the guy.



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