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Stalked: Bale as Doctor Strange, Scott for Werewolves

Werewolf.jpgTwo big rumours that have hit recently are that Christian Bale is set to play Doctor Strange and Ridley Scott is putting together a Werewolf film that will be highly original.

Now both stories come from the usual pesky sources, and are hugely rumour based. Personally I don't believe the first, but the second sounds a possibility.

The first rumour comes from Livenews through IESB is that Christian Bale is going to be taking the lead in Doctor Strange. Well actually it says that he's the number one choice, which could mean anything but Bale has actually said he'd take the role.

Still, we thought the rumour that he would appear in Terminator Salvation was crazy, and look he's doing that now. Perhaps it's possible that Christian Bale is looking to take up the mantle of another comic book hero? I think Bale has too much on his plate in the franchise marketplace and he's going to be wanting to put some less mainstream films back under his belt. Plus Batman and Doctor Strange? It just wouldn't hold with fans.

Another rumour is that Ridley Scott is set to bring a new story about Werewolves to the big screen, something which seems rather odd but hugely exciting. Of course there's nothing yet to say that Scott is going to be directing, he could just be producing, but the story is that Ian Jeffers wrote the original script that Ridley Scott purchased to make into a film.

All well and good but do you know what Jeffers has written already? Death sentence and the Castlevania script. Mmmm.

The story comes from Bloody Disgusting through First Showing. Chances are this could be a Scott produced only film, but there's that little hope that Scott could really be directing a Werewolf film, now that's exciting.




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