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More of Barker's Books of Blood

CliveBarker.jpgIt's strange to see that Clive Barker's work, particularly from Books of Blood, is receiving so many deals and yet we've just seen how badly treated his Midnight Meat Train has been by the studio, basically it's been murdered.

So it's surprising to hear that another two stories are heading to the big screen, and if all the stories are true to date that makes a total of six stories being adapted to film. How can Lionsgate have killed Midnight Meat Train so successfully when the potential for the stories is being seen in almost every page?

Already Books of Blood, the title story from the collection of short stories, and Down Satan! are marked for adaptation, as per the previous story.

Now we're hearing from Shock Till You Drop through AITH that Dread, Pig Blood Blues and The Madonna are all being bought up. Let's just quickly run through what those stories are.

Dread is the story of a student of philosophy who is obsessed by a nightmare he has of a axe wielding, clown murderer – aren't we all? - and his nightmares drive him to investigate how people react to their own nightmares, but in reality. So he locks them up, subjects them to their terrors, and sees how they behave. However his own nightmare is coming.

Pig Blood Blues sees a former policeman start working at a young offenders prison and uncovers a secret about a missing boy. As he investigates somehow he finds that the boy transferred his soul into the pig that lives in a sty on the grounds. Okay...strange indeed.

The Madonna is not about a serial attention grabbing American singer but actually about a man who is redeveloping an old recreation complex and discovers that in the swimming pool there lives a group of teenage girls who flee whenever he sees them. He discovers that there's a strange creature at the centre of the pool which transforms him into a young woman.

Okay, they're all sounding a little weird, but no matter how odd they seem there's something here that's screaming to Lionsgate – why did you stop marketing Midnight Meat Train when Clive Barker is such hot property right now?



Saw Meat Train last night. Good stuff. Can't understand why it's been treated so badly by the studios.

Book of Blood is the third film at FrightFest this weekend. Looking forward to that too.

Let us know how it is Dan, I'm pretty disappointed with the way his films are being treated.



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