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Footloose fast tracked

Footloose.jpgKick off those Sunday shoes, if you still wear them of course, because the Footloose remake is coming, and to confirm that rumour Zac Efron is taking over the lead made famous by Kevin Bacon.

Not only that but Kenny Ortega, responsible for directing the High School Musical films, is on board to direct and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist director Peter Sollett is rewriting the script.

So Footloose is on the fast track to become the next musical property to hit the screens, and why not? Musicals are bringing in box office gold at the moment and Zac Efron is in one of the most successful, particularly with a certain demographic, so why not remake it?

One of the problems I foresee is how they portray the ban on dancing and music, are they going to pitch the film in some out of the way small town and have it ultra-religious, against all rock and dance music because it corrupts the soul of the young kids today?

You can just see that going down well with the religious groups and today's overly political correct society. Plus would you buy it? Really? In this day and age?

I guess it doesn't matter, it's going to turn out to be a teen musical isn't it? Well not so according to the Variety story. The film will bring back to life many of the original songs, it's going to aimed at an adult and “older teen” demographic – so that means what, a couple of years older?! That's probably just because the Efron fans have aged with him!

Interestingly Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are producing, so what you ask, well they produced Chicago and Hairspray, as well as a ton of non-musicals. Now we're starting to see something a bit more positive than we first thought.

Efron's managed a sweet deal too, with a bigger pay cheque and script approval, he'll make sure he's getting what he wants, I just hope we do too.

I guess the good to come out of this is that we'll see much more of the original.



I remember when the original Footloose came out - I was just out of college. [Yeah, I'm old.] It was cute, but nothing to get excited about. However, Kevin Bacon had an edgy quality to him. You could imagine him as the "bad boy." Zack looks like a baby-faced girly boy, IMHO. My 17 year old daughter has his poster in her bedroom. I just cannot see Zack in the Footloose lead role.

That's a good point, Efron's not shown a rough side to him yet. Ach, I just can't see this film doing as well as the original, for those that saw the original anyway.



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