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Craig says no to Quantam of Solace sequel

DanielCraig.jpgIt's strange to hear that Daniel Craig has said no to a sequel to Quantum of Solace, and yet he has. Of course he's signed up to four Bond films, but in a recent interview he did say that he didn't want to do a trilogy, instead he wants a brand new Bond film.

This is, from his own comments, something that the rest of them don't want to do and instead want to pursue the trilogy. It's interesting that this continues his “at odds” feeling with the whole Bond leading actor role.

I just caught an interview with the actor on Sky News, and he doesn't exactly seem at ease with the press and particularly their questions about the film being brutal. He delivers great answers, but he's a little barbed at times. However he does relax into the interview after a minute or so, and he tells us:

“I don't see a trilogy, everybody else is suggesting a trilogy, I don't actually see a trilogy...”

Later in the interview, when asked if his character can continue with the same level of pain that he carries, he says, and I requote to remove the stammering:

“No, no, I genuinely think that's stories finished now”

He goes on to explain why that is, and that they've stabilised and established all the relationships in the story so that they can now go anywhere from here.

That's something that Marc Foster, the director of Quantum of Solace, doesn't see. He said that they could make another film after this one, that the ending does allow for it, but equally they could move on and make a totally new one. His small clip on Sky News ended with him saying that he thinks they should make another sequel.

Daniel Craig does say that the mysterious organisation Quantum will play a part in the next film, if they do get a chance to make it.

Talking about the current film he interrupts the interviewer who says:

“Sky: In this film Bond is avenging his great love...
Craig: No he's not.
Sky: He's not.
Craig: No, he's not, no.
Sky: Okay.
Craig: No, he's not.”

You can see why he comes across so badly in interviews, I would be nervous as hell sitting across from him thinking he would try to put me in my place at any moment, as he just did there. However he does deliver an answer.

“The film is about vengeance, but it's not. Everyone thinks he's out for vengeance...he's actually just out to find his Quantum of Solace, and to find out the peace within himself...to find out what's just gone on.”

It's a very strange interview and I really do wonder what kind of person Daniel Craig is because the interview seems to flip between different sides of him.

At the end he does say that he loves playing Bond and that he's a huge fan of all the old characters and would love to bring them back in, and it's possible now that they have the story all established in these first two films.

However you have to wonder if they really could do that when they've gone and distanced themselves from the old, funnier, tongue in cheek, stories to the new, harder, realistic stories. I think they can, but the big question would be do we want to go back to that Bond?

Here's the full interview from Sky News.




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