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Clooney for Birds remake?

GeorgeClooney.jpgI have to say that the talk of this remake leaves me cold, much more than any other remake story. Okay so The Birds isn't the best of Hitchcock, but it's Hitchcock and that should in itself scream “leave me alone”.

However onwards they go, and we've heard that Naomi Watts was involved at one point, and for all we know she still is. Now there's word that George Clooney is the favourite for the male lead.

The story comes through the news feed Starpulse, and that immediately flags more than just rumour to me. This could turn out to be far from the truth, but with the rumour of Naomi Watts for the female lead and the fact she's been talking about it too, you have to start wondering if this is going to be a big budget remake or not.

According to the story, which doesn't give a source, George Clooney is tipped to play lawyer Mitch Brenner in the remake, and they have a comment from the actor who played the original role, Rod Taylor.

“I often cringe when I hear mention of remakes, but I'll hold judgment, especially since I've been told Clooney's the favorite.”

Well that seems close to being an inside word. I would start to be interested if it really does turn out to be Watts and Clooney leading the film, but I just can't see it. I mean Hitchcock remakes haven't got the best track history have they?




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