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Stalked: Kidman is Eighth Wonder, Dunst is A Jealous Ghost

NicoleKidman.jpgNicole Kidman is to star in an action-adventure film by Simon Kinberg called The Eighth Wonder…

Kirsten Dunst is producing and starring in Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego's A Jealous Ghost…

Nicole Kidman is going all action adventure on us as it's just been announced that she's signed up for a pitch from Simon Kinberg, the writer of Mr and Mrs Smith in which she was supposed to be starring instead of Angelina Jolie next to Brad Pitt. However there were scheduling conflicts and the two signed up for another spy film which fell through too, so this is third time lucky.

The Eighth Wonder is said to focus on an archaeological discovery that begins a race that spans the globe, according to The Hollywood Reporter that is. There's no other word on the film as yet, but it'll be something a little different for Nicole Kidman, perhaps taking up a similar role to Nicolas Cage in National Treasure, only better...hopefully.

Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego is to direct the horror film A Jealous Ghost, adapted from the A.N. Wilson novel, with Kirsten Dunst starring and producing. The story tells of an American woman who travels to London to write a dissertation on The Turn of the Screw, the classic ghost story by Henry James. However as she researches and writes she begins to find that her life is reflecting what is happening in the story. The blurb from The Hollywood Reporter sounds interesting, but really I'm not sure Dunst is right for the role.




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