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Film quotes you use in real life

QuotationMarks.jpgI can't really remember what sparked this thought off in my head, but I was watching television about something and into my head popped a quote from a film. Then, when I thought about it for a bit I wondered just how many film quotes I used in real, everday life, just to see how much of a film geek I was, and so was born the feature.

Watching the amount of films that fans like myself do you tend to pick up a lot of quotes, but it is surprising just how many fly right through my head and get forgotten about.

Some though do stay with me and always pop back into my head at opportune, and inappropriate moments.

So I'll share some of mine, if you do the same.

These are some of the film quotes I continue to use in real life, usually thrown in randomly in conversation, sometimes with me manouvering the conversation to deliberately get it in.

What surprise me most though is that I do wait for the right moment to throw one in, as can be seen by the following, which all need the prompting line:

"Are you ready?
I was born ready."
- Big Trouble in Little China, a wonderful film filled with some great quotes.

"Is that a good sign?
It does the job."
- Airplane!, more a visual gag but it works between my friend Stu and I.

"Surely you can't be serious?
I am, and don't call me Shirley."
- Airplane!, classic.

"What can you make out of this report?
A hat, a broach, a pterodactyl."
- Airplane!, and that one happens a lot at work.

These are the ones that just happen whenever I hear the instigating line, I can't help it.

Then there are those that tend to get thrown into the conversation at random. Hopefully sometimes I get a response of recognition or at a push laughter!

"I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead."
- Road House, amongst others.

"It's my way or the highway"
- Road House, not a good one for rallying the troops!

"I'm going home to sleep with my wife."
- Clue, usually at going home time on a Friday. You really need to know the lead up for that one to work.

"I'll be back"
- Terminator, classic. Surely everyone uses this? (they do, and don't call me...)

"I've come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of bubblegum"
- They Live Now that's a cracking line to use in meetings!

"If you build it they will come"
- Field of Dreams, a beautiful film.

I could go on as they just keep coming thick and fast, well to be fair the quotes are pouring back but I'm starting to struggle with where I've acutally used them in everyday conversation.

So I've done some of the film quotes that I really do find myself using in real life, now it's over to you. What lines from films have you or do you continue to use in real, everyday life?



Not that Ive ever used it but given the chance one Id like to use is a line from Jack Black in the movie High Fidelity that goes "Its half past a monkeys arse, lets get out of here".

It's become a daily routine now that when I ask my housemates if they want anything from the shops one of them almost always responds with...


-Shaun of the Dead in case anyone's clueless.


"That's pride f*cking witchu!"

Good ones there. Funny how we all end up using film phrases. I use a fair few, most of the time without realising.

One is "I'm the daddy" from Scum, which I usually use at work!

And another one is "If it bleeds we can kill it" from Predator. Mostly when I'm dispatching scumbags on Rainbow Six.

I love the Clue one. Great movie.

My mates and I use quite a few different movie quotes. Some of the above but here are a few more.

"I..I...I want the knife" from The Golden Child - the response whenever someone asks if anybody wants anything

"Listen!...Can you smell something?" from Ghostbusters.

"I am your Father!" - Empire Strikes Back - when I have to tell off my little boy when he is naughty.

"Skip to the end" - from Spaced whenever someone is taking their time telling a tale

Oh boy oh boy .. Great Topic'

I'll unleash the tip of the iceberg:

American Psycho Quotes:
- Don't touch the watch ~ when someone even remotely touches my arm.
- I'm a child of divorce, give me a break! ~ use when seeming the recipient will a) fell guilty b) find it funny c) look baffled
- you think Soho is becoming *pause* too commercial?! ~ confuses the hell out of the London crowd.
- there are certain do's & don'ts about wearing a bold striped shirt my friend

I could go on with the American Psycho quotes but they get ugly.

Anchorman quotes:
- It's so damn hot... milk was a bad choice
- You know I don't speak Spanish ~ when confused
- When in Rome ~ in any inappropriate time

& more recent addition: You use this word? Alcoves?! ~ In Bruges

Live for Films - I love the Ghostbuster one, I'm going for it.

Ram - for some reason I really like the bold shirt quote. Consider me signed up.

Firebug - love the Jack Black comment too.

Louise - me and Predator...any quote, and there are many. God I love that film. I'm watching it this weekend, no question.



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