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Bill Murray on Ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters.jpgThere has been plenty of talk recently about a third Ghostbusters film, and whether or not some or all of the original cast would be back. With a script being written, Bill Murray was asked if he was interested. Turns out he kind of is.

I really don't like the idea of the original cast being mentors of some kind. Get the originals back as the main Ghostbusters.

It was only earlier this month, that we heard a Ghostbusters 3 script was being written. The writers of the US version of the office are working on it. And the main stumbling block seems to have been Bill Murray, who was not that interested in starring in another Ghostbusters film.

He has recently voiced his character for the Ghostbusters game. And he has now said that he knows about the script that is being written, and that it is good to get fresh ideas on it. He also reckons enough time has passed since Ghostbusters 2, and that "the wounds from Ghostbusters 2 are healed."

It seems voicing his character in the game, has partly helped increase his enthusiasm for another Ghostbusters film. The video of him talking about Ghostbusters 3 is below, courtesy of AICN, and . The first 5 minutes covers City of Ember, around 5 minutes is the Ghostbusters stuff.

Well at least it's not a flat no. I really don't like the idea of them being mentors, training up younger counterparts though. What about you?



I previously posted a comment that was rather enthusiastic about the possibility of a new Ghostbuster crew, and I stand even more firm now...
Let me say that the original Ghostbusters is one of my very favorites, I can't explain the utter joy I get every time I watch it, without fail...And of course, a rehash worries me a little, but imagine if a storied franchise such as Star Wars was actually put in capable hands for the prequels. How great would it have been to have new blood at the helm with the original minds still in the picture? It would have most likely been a lot better than what we got...Thats what keeps me optimistic. Hearing Murray actually sound enthusiastic about another GB film should be enough for anyone to give it a chance..He's been the sole reason there hasnt been another GB film, due to his pure love for the original, and his integrity...He is the only one left that still has any integrity in my book, Ramis and Akroyd have done there share of crap, but Murray hasnt, you can tell in the clip how genuine he feels...
So I give it 50/50, But I will stand strong on their pre-emptive choices (appatows crew)...People on this site seem to dismiss them for being main stream and childish, but I would take them over any other film comedy clique in the business today...But I could be wrong...Trust Venkman...He knows comedy much better than we could ever hope for...



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