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P sequel, P2: The Unforgiven

P.jpgBack during the 2005 Edinburgh International Film Festival I met a man called Paul Spurrier, lovely chap, and I had the chance to see his film P (Filmstalker review), the first Thai film directed, written, produced, edited and musically arranged by a British talent.

It's a strong horror film that has some genuinely great moments, and it's great news that there's going to be a second film and that Spurrier himself is going to make it.

Paul Spurrier is an extremely interesting man, he's done a bit of acting in the past as well as writing and directing, and he's also done it all in a foreign country, with a foreign crew, immersed himself in the culture, and produced a film that seems as though it was crafted from Thai talent.

That's something that is quite true as the only British aspect of the film is his accent, which can be heard in his short bit part in the film, the rest really is all Thai talent.

When I chatted with Paul it really did strike me just how much he had put into this film and how respectful he was of Thailand cinema and talent, and I really do think that came out in his film.

When we met for the screening of P he described the film as...


...and it is pretty hard to categorise, apart from the obvious horror element. There is a bit of everything there, even comedy, and the mix works. There are some genuinely scary moments and some cool effects.

However there are some moments where it's lacking, and some of the horror does look quite Hammer House, so perhaps the news of the remake will allow for a bigger production and improve on the first film.

Talking of which, here's the story for P (Filmstalker review):

The film tells the story of a young girl who is taught some dark magic by her grandmother as she grows up. Her grandmother becomes ill and she heads off to Bangkok to earn money for her medicine, unfortunately the only decent paying job she can find is as a go-go dancer in a club.

As the other dancers become jealous of her success as a dancer her magic also gets stronger, darker and more uncontrollable, and finally a presence comes to her and takes control. Will there be any way to stop her?

The news from Bloody Disgusting tells us that MonteCristo International is filming the sequel and Paul Spurrier is directing, and that's all we get, everything else is being kept a complete secret. Let's hope we can get more details soon, and perhaps Paul will let us know a little bit more himself.




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