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ZMDs: Zombies of Mass Destruction

ZombiesofMassDestruction.jpgI love that title, Zombies of Mass Destruction, or ZMDs, is a parody of WMDs for sure, but it also has a strong and interesting story to it, although saying that it does ultimately end up in a kill all the zombies story.

The story sees a government weapons program develop zombies that are photosensitive and dissolve as sunlight hits them. So they drop them en mass into enemy territory to kill them all in time for dawn. Problem is one of them survives and starts to spawn other zombies who can survive in the daytime.

Now that sounds a great idea, but it's the origin of the story as the rest of it involves the sending in of ground troops in order to clear out the surviving zombies before there's an entire army facing them. To me that just sounds like another zombie kill fest.

Still, the project has a lot to work on and it could well deliver something different in the zombie horror genre.

According to The Hollywood Reporter it will be adapted from the recently released comic of the same name which was written by Kevin Grevioux, the writer of the Underworld series. It's not yet clear if he'll be writing this adaptation for the big screen or not, but with Underworld under his belt (oh dear me) he could well be.

However is the zombie genre a little bit tired now, even with this great idea?




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