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Update: W. trailer still online and in HD

JoshBrolinBush.jpgA teaser trailer for the upcoming and much anticipated film about George W. Bush is online, and it does give us a few hints of what to expect from the Oliver Stone film.

Already the film is playing like President Origins: Bush rather than looking at his Presidential life, although I'm sure that will play a large part of story too, but the early life of Bush is perhaps what will make for the most interesting viewing.

Update: Adding new links as the trailers are removed - come on, just put the official HD ones up already!

After all we can discover what drove the man to do what he has and to make the decisions he has made, and to take America where it is today. Saying that, no wonder that closing shot has him looking so stressed.

I like the reel through of the different major characters that we're going to see, although I think that Tony Blair will be very flattered by his being played by Ioan Gruffudd with surprisingly light hair. Condoleezza Rice and General Colin Powell struck me in those shots, Thandie Newton and Jeffrey Wright look great in character, but what hit me the best was Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney. It was an across the room shot, but he looked good and I love Dreyfuss on screen.

Here's the trailer, see what you think of W., at the moment it's more a teaser, but it gets the appetite wet.

...and here...

Fun and good times at the Bush house, only hinted at with the fight between father and son, and I love that reflective shot of him sitting in the White House, feet up on the desk. I'm really looking forward to what Oliver Stone can bring us.

The trailer is now available over at [Flash:Embed:480p:720p:1080p] in flash format as well as in high definition.




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