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Tropic Thunder international trailer online

TropicThunder.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Tropic Thunder, this one's the international trailer and it carries a bit more exposition and a few different laughs. I have to say for finding most of Ben Stiller's work rather, well, still, this looks pretty good, but then I am finding most of the funny moments from Robert Downey Jr.

There's still the old Stiller rubbish in there, trust a body humour joke to fly in there. I bet you there's a scene where someone runs into something without seeing it too. Regardless there are a few funny moments, and what looks like the end of the film again!

Tropic Thunder is basically Three Amigos in war. A group of actors are off filming a war film in the some authentic jungle when they get lost and stray into a real jungle war. Suddenly it's up to them to save themselves and the locals from the rebels.

The trailer is over on Daily Motion through Latino Review who have a slightly higher resolution version.

I have to say there are three lines that get me, and they're all to do with Robert Downey Jr., there's the "you people" line, the "some of us might not make it back" line and the "I know who I am" line. They had me smiling. See what you think, and don't worry about that ending reveal, it's just a big explosion and probably nothing you'd not expected.



This is one movie Im looking forward to seeing and I have to say the first time I saw the picture youve posted with this article in Empire movie mag I recognised Ben Stiller and Jack Black but I had absolutely no idea who the black man was, till I read the article and they said it was Robert Downey Jr! Had a second look and was rather surprised to see it really was him in some rather effective make up!



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