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Update: Tr2n (Tron 2) trailer still online

JeffBridges.jpgThe Tron 2 aka Tr2n trailer is online (still), filmed from Comic-Con, and even though it's small and crooked, and at times missing some of the picture, it already looks fabulous.

Count me in, a once disbeliever in this film has suddenly had his head turned. Just have a look at this trailer to see.

The graphics look heavily updated, but it's great that they haven't updated the feel of it, and they really could have. The CGI could have been totally over the top, but this trailer looks rather cool.

Have a look and tell us your thoughts, and if you're grabbing this for your own site, remember and do the right thing with the links.

Ladies and gentlemen, your new Tron, Tr2n, and Jeff Bridges looking as cool as ever.

Removed by dailymotion

Well? I know that it's a little difficult to see, but if you spot a better one, let me know and I'll update it.

Update: Thanks to Steve we have a stabilised and zoomed in version of the trailer. Thanks for your hard work there, he's done a great job so that it now is completely full frame.

The only problem is that because of the original being zoomed out the first few seconds are pixelated, and then the camera's at an odd angle and the corner is chopped off. However you really do see the action much better. Man this looks good, I love it when the light cycle appears or the disc lights up in his hand.

First on dailymotion, first on Filmstalker, and the cleaned up version you're seeing everywhere is Steve's. Here you go, and again, give thanks to Steve's hard work:

Removed by Dailymotion

Another version, although not as clear as Steve's original:

Removed by Dailymotion

...and another, thanks to "Hi" in the comments below...

Removed by YouTube

You know it's getting harder to find now, I think we might see this disappearing from the web soon - anymore links would be appreciated.

Update: Well Disney have done it and managed to remove the trailer from everywhere - you have to wonder what their marketing department were thinking because it was building a huge amount of excitement, and helped by the fact it was grainy and bootlegged. The studios don't know how to exploit something like this, it's like they just have a nervous reaction and shout "oh no, it's illegal, quick!". However in every other way they'll exploit marketing until we're bored to death of it. Look at The Dark Knight being marketed as a black pepper covered burger, now that should be illegal.

If you can find the trailer anywhere let me know, but believe me I've searched, and it's gone. We'll have to wait until the marketing company over there get off their arses and decide to do some marketing. They should be releasing the HD version right now, that would ride the tide and keep hype going. Instead they'll probably go do lunch with someone and talk about nasty pirates killing the film industry.

Update: Thanks to Alfonso, he has an FLV [Flash] of the trailer hosted on his site, but to be honest I expect it to disappear as soon as Disney get in touch! Load it in your browser or grab the VLC Media Player or FLV Player on the Internet.

Update: It has reappeared on RUTube through Unofficial Tron 2 trailer blog, thanks to someone via the comments:



I managed to stabilize that video a bit, and clean it up (special thanks to Dragonball-movie for getting the footage in the first place). It's now magnified, leveled out, and although the first few seconds are pixelated, the rest of it turned out pretty nice. How can I upload the video to here?

How did you stabilize the clip?
I have a video that rotates part way thru that I need to correct, but haven't figured out the best way yet.

i saw the first film at the movies when i was a kid. that looks butt-kickingly outta sight. it looks like a candidate for the imax theaters.

So, they took a groundbreaking movie and made an adaptation of it. Great. Nothing like ORIGINAL THINKING.

We can figure from this that Bridges needs the $$$? Boxleitner got a cameo? Morgan? Warner?

Gentle Reader: ALWAYS watch an original before paying big-money to see a modernised copy. It will help to illustrate the paucity of good moviesMitchel present these days.

Is that Arnold Rimmer?!?!?!?

QUOTE : "So, they took a groundbreaking movie and made an adaptation of it. Great. Nothing like ORIGINAL THINKING."

Seems to me like they wouldn't call it tron 2 if it was just a refreshed version of the same movie. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's not how sequels work.

do we really need a second version of Tron? There are films around where we don't need a new story, upgrade, or whatever. That's a cult classic... leave it like it is.

Well, I was totally smitten with Tron as a small child, so this is almost as big as Star Wars for me. That being the other thing that I was smitten with. And when they revisited that it turned out...oh...hang on...maybe this isn't such a good idea.

I remain stoked until such times as I start to be unstoked.

: Any major video editor can do it (Sony Vegas is a snap)

This is the most exciting thing I've seen a long long time. If Disney/Pixar actually pull this off, this will hopefully wake up Lucas, the Wachowski Bros, and ever other theoretically good sci-fi film maker who have let so many of us down over the years.

Tron 2 needs to be made!
The first one was out waaay before it's time.
People just didn't "get-it".. I think the younger
kids will "get it". My 11 year old son loves tron
and reboot. I can't wait for this one.

Demasiado Bueno!

Frodo lives!

Howdy, all,

Hope you liked the stabilized version of the video that Dragonball-movie provided for us. :)

I used Magix Movie Edit Pro 12 to rotate and magnify the image. It was a fun project. I hope it was as fun for you all to check out.

Thanks to Richard for posting this. :)

Steve (long time TRON fan)

Very cool! Looks like the first video was removed by the host. This looks awesome.

- Totally agree that you should watch the original before any re-anything.

However a couple of things strike me about this film. Bridges is in it, and he's relatively discerning about his projects. There's a big budget. That footage stays very true to the original. This doesn't look like a remake, it looks like a sequel that could well honour the original.

I'm in on the basis of this footage.

Wow! This looks freakin' awesome. I just called my friend Tony, a children's pastor, to tell him about this... he's the geekiest friend I have, although I don't think quite as geeky as me. But damn, I have so many good memories of this movie... this and War Games really turned me into the geek I am today. Yes, saw them both in the theater as a child... watched them over and over!

I need to go get Tron for DVD now!

I accidentally stumbled on the link to this when reading about the Wolverine leaked footage, and I think literally the first thing I did was laugh. Because I was in denial and thought it was a joke.

I waited 10 minutes to watch the trailer because frankly I was afraid and mortified they might destroy my childhood by ruining this movie, and I am still a little. But frankly, I sat and watched that trailer in shock and awe. Shock-and-awe.

I honestly cannot wait the few years it's going to be before this movie releases.

That's a good point, I haven't seen Tron in ages. Thanks for the nudge Eric, I might go get it myself.

Riss I thought the same way you did when I first heard about the project, since then I've been thinking it's going to be rubbish.

If we're going by the trailer alone, how wrong I was. I'm with you, I can hardly wait. I hope we see the official HD release of this trailer as soon as instead of Disney taking the video down every day.

In a totally fanboy way, oh how I wish I could have been there to see the trailer.

WOW! TR2N did a really nice stabilizing job on that video. Much better than mine. :) Kudos to TR2N.

Oh my user:O

Rumours and april fools jokes aside, i never thought i would viddy the cycle when Tr2n would be actually a reality.

Love the original love the pc game tron 2.0 and love this trailer.
Have watched it about 6 times already and it still hasnt sunk in.

Wonder if the mcp will be reseurected?

"Jeff bridges as a bad ass version of the dude" lmao.
2 years will fly by been waitng since the eighties for a sequel so a few more years won't hurt.

Working link:


Looks like they've used some of the same models/ideas from the Tron 2.0 game.

Dear movie studio....because you wont even let me see the trailer for this stupid [expletive removed - Richard] movie, I will now go out of my way to pirate it.

Update: Thanks to Alfonso, he has an FLV [Flash] of the trailer hosted on his site, but to be honest I expect it to disappear as soon as Disney get in touch! Load it in your browser or grab the VLC Media Player or FLV Player on the Internet.

Let's hope not. For Disney's sake: if I will receive a takedown notice, that flv will go on the file sharing. Censorship is bad, really bad. But for the Censors :-P

another working link:

My personal recommendation:

Use Download Helper on Firefox to download YouTube (and compatible hosting) videos.


Download Total Video Converter. The trial version lasts about 15 days (but it imprints all output with a small watermark). For about $40 bucks, you can get the full version. This thing will take almost ANY video format (including .flv) and convert it to most other formats. And it does a damn good job. You can even convert animated .gifs into actual video formats.

Thanks to everyone who viewed and commented on my stabilized version of the TR2N videos, and thanks again (many times over) to Dragonball-movie, who put the video up in the first place. :)

Steve (Tron fan since 1982).

NOTE: Full version of Total Video Converter will NOT leave watermarks on final output.

Wow this looks good. I sure hope that this iconic relic of my childhood isn't ruined.

At Last
it's a first step, but you chek the "already" history of post-produc ,( lisenbeberg out way , i hope people from "lost" serie are really good and will not scrap one of my favorite movie, if you touch upgrade it or leave it alone,

Hoppeflly what i see in Trailer, make my heart believe it will worth

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!!!!

I think thr original was amazing! They filmed it wearing poly card or cardboard suits, spandex and other 80's gear..

Roll on the TR2N, I wonder if they still have those massive enforcer ships and the the power ball game..??

I had a hand held electronic game of this - you had to shoot the enforcer ships... was pretty cool for the time.

Good luck and good timing, I hope this is as clever as the original. (Be good if they were trying to take over the real world somehow).

I would love to see them bring back Walter/Wendy Carlos to do the score too. Tron had such a great score and really fantastic sound design. I hope they don't get lazy and use some generic orchestral score...

I think I shed a tear of joy when I heard the TR2N announcement... I've been waiting for this for so long, and the teaser looks absolutely OFF-THE-CHARTS... I felt like the fans were REALLY taken into consideration when they put this together!

The dark attitude that Flynn seemed to present in this teaser strikes me about right, epecially considering that in the TRON 2.0 videogame, through various in-game emails you read, it seems that Flynn becomes more disenchanted with things that are going on, and he mysteriously retires from EnCom.

What the!

Thanks for the Up!

Mhmm OK Flynn is there... the green driver... Corruption (Like VG?)

What about Jet and Alan? Will they take part, too?

I'm excited!

great video. too bad few files were removed (:

No, the trailer is still there, you just have to press play.

I can't wait for this movie. Seeing those lightcycles has got me addicted to a game called Armagetron. Now, I can't stop thinking about TR2N. Grrr! I hope the hurry up and finish it! haha!

If anyone has a copy, dump it on an Iranian site and give Disney the finger.

Hey - anyone else remember Jeff Bridges having a shaved head in the original pirated teaser from 2008? I know he had a shaved head in Iron Man, but I could SWEAR he had a shaved head in the original pirated clip from 2008. Did they re-film his scenes with hair or am I going futz?

why is it all blury....thats just the teaser trailer....wheres the real trailer..

It's blurry because it's been copied from a film screen when it was shown at Comic-con. This was just a teaser made to sell the idea, the real teaser and trailer have yet to even appear.

Are you serious about your Tron addiction?

I mean, I thought I was the only one. I still have memorabilia from the first movie and of course I own it and still watch it now and again.

Oh baby do the trailers for Legacy send my technolust into full wet overdrive.


Wow it looks great Richard and also thanks a lot for posting this for us.Graphics are marvelous..I thank for the stabilized version of the video that Dragonball-movie provided for us...

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