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Top Gun sequel?

TomCruise.jpgI hardly believe this, in fact I don't believe it, but the rumour that there is a Top Gun sequel in development is funny enough to warrant being written about.

The source isn't very reliable, and the idea that Tom Cruise would want to appear in a sequel of Top Gun is a huge stretch, especially considering the new storyline.

Apparently a script outline for the Top Gun sequel has been written, bear in mind that's an outline, not a complete script, and is supposed to be enough to hook Tom Cruise into reprising his role of Maverick.

The new plot would see Maverick as the instructor at the Top Gun school and along comes, wait for this groundbreaking plot twist, a female pilot that he has to teach and, here comes another, she's the hot headed cocky pilot now. Oh yes, I can just see it now, gender reverse all the set-ups from the first film and there's your new film.

Dreadful stuff, and I cannot believe for a second that Tom Cruise would even consider the sequel based on this outline, there's no intelligence in it at all.

Well The Sun, through Moviehole, believe it. Let me point out that Clint finds it as dubious as I do.

However, I could see a Top Gun sequel, but it would have to be something much more intelligent and perhaps looking at the effects of war on the pilots, or where the pilots from the first film are now with real life scenarios creeping in, something along those lines.

Otherwise I could see this just being a series like Iron Eagle, or a one off gender role reversal with the same story as the original.

Not clever, and definitely not going to be accepted by Cruise. With the story saying that the sequel hinges on his acceptance, that's got to be good news.



The cocky female pilot will be played by Jessica Alba, how's that?

Tom is not that desperate to sink this low.

Oh lord that would be bad Simone, no offence against Alba, but this whole thing reeks of cheese and desperation.

You managed to find something worse than a Red Dawn sequel/remake, didn't you? :)

Yeah, you're right Hap. I started to write something to argue the issue and I realised I just couldn't. This is worse than the Red Dawn remake!

Well done hap, glad you pointed that one out!

This idea sucks....Hopefully Cruise will have the good sense to stay away. Top Gun should be left well enough alone.

There was a Red Dawn remake?

Just what we need.......another senseless sequel. You suppose it's too much to ask the powers that be in Hollyweird about being more original, or do they lack that term in their vocabulary?

I think the Red Dawn remake is scheduled for 2010, oh joy.

And I definitely think Hollywood doesn't have the term original in their vocabulary. Unfortunately they do have terms such as "remake" "reboot" "reimagining" and "sequel"!

maybe they could make a sequel on Goose's son who grows up and enters topgun school as a rookie pilot....and hates maverick and holds him responsible for his father's death... that sounds better than the story the guys came up with!!!!!

I think there could be an awesome sequel in there somewhere, but don't make it a "hot female pilot". But if they made it a hot female, they can't have her hooking up with "Maverick", because in real life that is a violation of the UCMJ (uniform code of military justice). You can't hook up with someone in your command. Although it would be cool to see Maverick get court martialed for hooking up with one of his students under his command. ha!!

25 yrs later, Maverick & Iceman would both be captains and/or admirals by now.....

I certainly hope the film comes out...... Just what society needs, another microwaved redux with a few new spices thrown in, how creative and original......., duh.
Oh, and be sure that at least half the talentless cast are [non-pc comment removed - Richard]

10 bucks says they come up with some completely "out of left field" cheesiness like Maverick and Iceman are retired and flying a commercial jet that is hijacked by terrorists. Wouldn't surprise me one bit.



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