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Stalked: Last Blood and Nottingham

Last Blood has vampires protecting humans against zombies!...

Ridley Scott's Nottingham halted...

According to The Hollywood Reporter the Executive Producer of Family Guy, David A. Goodman, is set to write the script for the horror film Last Blood. Adapted from the comic book by Bobby Crosby and Chris Crosby, it tells the story of a group of human's who have survived a zombie massacre and are being protected by vampires who need to use their blood to stay alive.

I really like the idea of the story, it has the vampires and humans keeping each other alive while the zombies will be attacking like crazy, and what would a vampire-zombie or zombie-vampire actually be like? These are questions that may well be answered in the film.

Ridley Scott's film of the Sherrif of Nottingham, simply called Nottingham, has been put on hold. While the official word from cites three reasons - the SAG strike, the trees not being green enough and not having a script - I can only see one real answer. The script.

Of course the strike is an issue, but as far as I knew no one has actually gone on strike yet, and as for the trees being green, has no one heard of autumn and winter? Where was the project planner that day? Sounds like the script then, and the official word is that the filmmakers are not happy with it and want more rewrites to realise its fullpotential.

They claim that Universal would have moved ahead with the film if it was only one of these factors - what, would they move ahead if the filmmakers weren't happy with the script? Come on, we're talking Ridley Scott here, I can't see him giving the okay for that.




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