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Stalked: Butler on Watchmen, Harris on 28 Months Later

GerardButler.jpgGerard Butler has been talking about his role for the Watchmen DVD, The Tales of the Black Freighter...

Naomie Harris has said that she's been talking to a producer about another 28 Days Later sequel...

Naomie Harris was talking at Comic-Con and revealed that she'd talked to one of the producers from 28 Days Later about another sequel, and she was apparently very excited. We've heard before that Danny Boyle has been considering a sequel to 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, so could it really happen? Well Boyle has teased us a few times before about a plot for a sequel. The story comes from Dread Central through Quiet Earth. Of course it may not all happen, but while there's talk...

Meanwhile Gerard Butler has been talking, in what MTV call a thick Glasgow brogue - have they even been to Scotland before? His accent is thick, but head into Glasgow and you'll hear a few brogues, Butler is soft spoken in comparison! - well he's been talking about his role on the Watchmen DVD as the lead in the short film, Tales From the Black Freighter. The story comes from a comic book being read through the main story of the Watchmen comic which mirrors the journey of a few of the main characters and follows a sole survivor of a pirate attack on his ship by the ghost ship the Black Freighter. He's castaway and as he slowly loses his mind he fights to get home to his family.

Of the film he says:

"The script is one of the most perfect scripts I’ve ever read...One of the most beautifully written, interesting scripts...

...The story is such a powerful, genius witnessing of a descent into madness - being the person that it’s happening to and have it happening in a normal way...He looks at it with a normal head so you can understand how it happens. In which case you can take yourself and the audience a long way."

Butler revealed that so far he's only completed one recording session for the film, so there's lot's to do yet. However the prospect of seeing that on the DVD is an exciting one. Imagine that, Watchmen on Blu-ray with The Tales of the Black Freighter starring Gerard Butler.



Thick brogue eh? Try Aberdeen, love. No one can understand those set of sheep-sh*ggers, even with subtitiles.

Fay, I lived in Aberdeen for over ten years!

Actually my accent is more Inverness than Aberdeen, but my mother has a thick Doric accent when she starts chatting to another local.

I agree, thick Aberdonian accents can give the Glaswegian ones a run for their money.

The problem is Glaswegians speak too quickly. Slow the [expletive removed - Richard] down ya Buckfast guzzling [expletive removed - Richard]!



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