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Red Band Quarantine trailer online

Quarantine.jpgFrom Comic-Con comes another piece of footage, although this one looks like they've allowed it out since the quality is so much better.

The red band trailer for Quarantine looks pretty much like the previous trailer however each scene goes on just a few more seconds to show you more blood and gore.

So with it being the same trailer I'll say the same thing, that means there's still the same amount of death scenes revealed and the same closing shot. This trailer is spoiler packed, and I'm sure that watching the film I'd see every death scene and think “oh, I remember that from the trailer”.

You can already get a sense of the ending of the film from the trailer as well, something that happened with the original [REC] which this film is an almost scene by scene remake of.

Anyway if you are brave enough here's the trailer for Quarantine. There are certainly a lot of scary moments and death scenes to enjoy, however I might recommend [REC] first.

I wonder when [REC] 2 is released, will Hollywood leap on it and remake it scene by scene again? I would think that'll depend on the success of both Quarantine and [REC] 2.




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