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Meirelles' Love's Labour's Lost

FernandoMeirelles.jpgFernando Meirelles who has City of God, The Constant Gardener and Blindness to his directing name is going to adapt Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost for the big screen, and I think he'll have to go some to better Kenneth Branagh's version.

He too has an unusual take on the story and will change the whole setting just as Branagh did with his version.

Fernando Meirelles will be filming a script from Jorge Furtado, who wrote episodes of the television series City of Men, adapted from the Shakespeare work.

According to Reuters through Digital Spy, who don't link the source, Meirelles' Love's Labour's Lost will be located in New York and London and tell the story of a South American boy who gets a scholarship to study Shakespeare abroad.

Now that sounds interesting, Shakespeare plays within a Shakespeare film, and it's looking as though it will be set in modern day.

I have to admit I do have a hankering for the Kenneth Branagh Shakespearean films, but I am intrigued and would love to find out more about this one.




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