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Update: Inglorious Bastards script still online

QuentinTarantino.jpgUpdate: The script is online again, details in the main story.

Yes Quentin Tarantino's script for Inglorious Bastards is online, although I suspect not for long. The script does look pretty authentic as the front page and chapter headings are shown on a major American magazine and the hand written front looks exactly like the script version that I've seen on two separate sites now.

Inglorious Bastards is Tarantino's next film which sees a group of soldiers in World War II facing the firing squad given one last chance, a near suicidal mission deep behind enemy lines and their past wrongs will be forgotten.

I had a look at the opening scene and it plays out like a typical war film, although some of the dialogue is a little clunky and cheesy, he has managed to capture that feeling of the old war films and the old Nazi villains.

The blurb from Wikipedia reads well:

“The Bastards – a group of Jewish-American G.I.s led by the scarred Lt. Aldo ‘The Apache’ Raine – are a guerilla army going through German-occupied France exterminating and scalping Nazis left and right. When they decide to spare a Nazi’s life, they carve a swastika into their foreheads as a reminder of what they were once the war’s over. At the same time, Shosanna Dreyfus, a young French Jewish woman who watched as her entire family was massacred, has come under control of a small Parisian theater. When her theater becomes the location for the premiere of a German propaganda film produced by Goebbels, she devises a plan to exterminate all the Nazis in attendance, in particular, Col. Hans “The Jew Hunter” Landa, the officer who had her family murdered. The Bastards, assisted by German film star Bridget von Hammersmark, have a similar plan – Operation Kino – in mind. The stakes for all parties are raised when Hitler himself plans to attend the premiere...”

Now, if you fancy reading the script, which I'm actually staying clear of any further than the first couple of scenes, you might want to visit the following sites who still have it linked. Just let me point out that I'm not hosting the file!

I first found it over at GameRiot who found it yesterday and point to two rapidshare downloads for the files, and today over at FilmGeek, both have downloads to the script. Rapidshare host it in parts one and two. These links are no longer live, however if you look down to the updated section you'll see brand new ones!

It does match up with the New York Magazine blog entry about the
Inglorious Bastards script which features the exact same Quentin Tarantino hand scrawled front page and the chapter headings, so it looks like the real deal.

Update: The script is online again and I hunted it down over at Pirate Bay in torrent format - watch that link start appearing all over the place miraculously after this posting! - if you don't know how to download a torrent get yourself a torrent downloader and you'll be in business. Opera has one built in and I believe utorrent is really good.

GameRiot (cheers Jason) dropped me a note with two new links: Turbodownload host it in parts one and two.



Good Find. I will not make a local copy at all. I will just read on the internets. Yes, this is what I will do. Please don't sue me Mr. lawyer man! ;-)

Downloading it before it disappears..

please can somebody email me the script...it has dissapprd from d net

Can somebody also please send it to my Email...it will be appretiated!


Hey guys, I had a look for it online and I can't see it anywhere, I would guess that the Weinstein lawyers are working overtime to get it pulled down as soon as it goes up.

I'll keep looking and as soon as it appears back online I'll let you know.

can someone please send the script my way, ? much appreciated.

someone please e-mail the script! I'll be very grateful!

v - I'd recommend the application utorrent and head off to get it through the PirateBay link above.

may somebody please send me the script. I love this movie and i want to see it because it lokks interesting

can someone please send the script ???

i'll be very grateful!

Can anyone tell me what city in Tennessee, Lt. Aldo Raine is from?
I just wanted to check b/c it sounded like he said the name of the TN city I live in ...

Hello, can someone please send me the script? My e mail address is . Thank you very much!!!

please send me I need it!!! TOO MUCH!
Por favor ewnviem-me eu preciso muito!!!



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