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Hancock 2 already?

Hancock.jpgI haven't seen Hancock yet, but the word is that it's not so good. Well there's already talk of another one, albeit on strong caveats about how much the original makes.

What's more interesting is that the rumour carries word that Will Smith doesn't like the finished film and that he'll only do a sequel under some very strict terms.

It seems as though it will make a lot of money though, for in America it's a very big weekend, and it's a very big release, Will Smith, 4th of July and action galore, who wouldn't want to see that. I certainly do, even if it is rubbish. Well that's what critics are saying, there's the usual mixed feelings, but the tendancy is that it's not such a strong film as it could have been.

However in this day and age studios are talking sequels often before a film has even made it's first ticket sale, and it looks like that's the case with Hancock. According to a source from Sony through Cinema Blend they're already lining it up.

Lining it up they may be, but the big rumour from the unnamed source is that Will Smith doesn't like the film and won't do a sequel unless it forgets the first and completely rework the story. The added clause there is that Smith himself allegedly wants control over the sequel.

In this day and age it's not totally infeasible to think of Sony just dropping Will Smith and creating a second Hancock story totally forgetting the first even in leading actor, but considering the draw of that man's name I doubt we'll see that. Unless Hancock totally bombs at the box office I can see a sequel coming and Smith getting exactly what he want's for the sequel, and from accounts that may be a good thing.

Have you seen the film and do you think that it should see a sequel? If so, should it be a complete rework, and is there such a big deal if Will Smith has control over it?



Just got back from seeing Hancock, very funny movie, some great one liners in it, thoroughly enjoyed it. I dont think it needs a sequel and I base this on what happens in the movie but I wont say anything bout it and if there is one it certainly needs Will Smith.

Well I think I'll go and see it, but I won't be chewing my hand off to get there.

i think there should be a second film as the first one is fairly entertaining, i dont think a complete rework of the story line is needed but a more indepth explenation would be good. to be honest there is no point completely ignoring the first film and making a hancock 2 when you may as well come up with a completely new superhero film altogether, it is just a complete waste of time if the sequal is not an actual sequal, lets face it [racist obscenity removed - Richard] or not if it has will smiths name on it it wont need to be called hancock 2 or have any association with hancock to draw money in from the box office so if it isnt going to continue down the same road then just dont bother or do both

I went and saw this film at the weekend, and i LOVED it. I had been looking forward to this film, and while it wasnt quite what I expected, it was great in its own way. I was amazed by the graphics, and it was a lot more emotional than I expected. I was glad that it wasn't like the average superhero movie, where a hero goes round saving everyone and beating up a villian. This was more into the heroes emotions, thoughts and reasons into why he does what he does. It was humorous but also quite angsty, which I was surprised about. Its not often a superhero film is based on angst. It was really refreshing and I would love to see a sequel. I disagree that it needs to be completely remade, I love it as it is. It is so different from traditional superhero movies that I think we should keep this version going.

Allright, this movie has had mixed remarks and an overall poor to average rateing, but then many movies these days, and some of which i have really enjoyed have had a worse critique. Personally, i had a ball at this movie and would love to see a second. Just because someone gives it a bad review, dosent make me like it any less :)

I saw it and I totally agree with Midget Monster.
I enjoyed it and realized they were trying to tell a complex antihero/hero story but they (as I heard) had to cut many of the more adult scenes to make it PG acceptable.
Will Smith is really good in it, there is no way there can be a Hancock without Will Smith.
Hancock2 could be a prequel, with but then you would only have Will and Charlize, no Justin Bateman.
A sequel would be good if it included something like a war between the makers (as Charlize calls them) or some sort of evil mutants, also it's time will actually gets the girl.

I complete agree that the film should have came across stronger and better as the twist is hes a different kind of superhero, and hopefully they will make a sequel we have seen it happening before as with hulk.

This weekend I made time to see both Wall-E, and Hancock. The only complaint with Hankcock was that his back story was not as developed as it needed to be. 5-7 more minutes and the film would have been better. There is a scene where his counterpart explains his battle scars, this should have been a 4 minute sequence versus a minute.

As expected, the trailers damaged this movie a bit, but they completely hid one major plot point. It was a great twist and one I should have seen coming but didn't. It's basically a popcorn flick with a seriously bad attitude, and it had everyone in the theater I was in laughing frequently. Sure, there are a couple of continuity problems in the story, but taken as a whole the movie was great.

I especially loved the way they animated Hancock's flying, jumping, etc. It wasn't clean or neat like Superman. He looked like he was always fighting his own aerodynamics (or lack thereof).

And Bateman? Flat out perfect for his role.

Well im just back from watching it and i have to say if it wasnt for will smith i would of just walked out with in the first 20 minutes i think will smith shoud take it over

The film wasnt all that great, there wasnt enough action and too much plot. but that does set it up for a sequal and there is so much they can do with the story. I welcome a sequal and see how it works out will smith is an excellent actor and i think he can turn it around and make it into a pretty awesome franchise

I think the movie was great. My favorite to date until the dark knight knocked it out of 1st place. But i think a prequel needs to be made before a sequel is even considered. They have so much to work with. Hancock and is counterpart have such a large story behind them that it could possibly contain an entire prequel trilogy like star wars did. And seeing has how they're where more (**SPOILER ALERT**) "gods" other than the two that where in the movie. they could talk about that. Maybe there could be a corrupt god that wanted all the power for himself and thus formed a group of traitors and having an all out war. I dunno but there is so much they could do with Hancocks story. I really hope they act on it.

I still haven't seen it, but it does seem that there's a love it or hate it feel for this film, and that makes me want to see it even more.

Actually you could say that about all of Smith's films.

ok smthing's wrong in all the interviews he's saying how much he can relate to the character and how its a tank of freash air, i mean this stupid article is sayin that he hates it how could he hate it , when the hole world loved it i watched this movie yesterday and i loved and im crazy about when i stepped out of the theater i wanted to go back in and see it again tahst how much i loved it so gooddddd will i know u loved this film so i think this article is a piece of crap, but i jst read another artivle sayig the smae thing but how could u , will hate a movie that made a huge hit at the box office and not wwanting to do a sequel as much as tehe first one is so incredible i think the second one is gonna be bigeer and maek a lot morem oney so will shut ur mouth get back in there do the second part kiss sharlize fly around al ittle bit get back home and divorce ur freakin ugly wife , u beling with charlize u look so gd together

i saw this movie and i like it why does will smith doing it like this just lieve it its a nice movie and i think that there most be a 2 movie

ok personally i think hancock was very very good! everyone i know loved it its funny and emotional which is also good but for some reason critics are slating it as they usually do!! u cant spell criticise without critic is wat i say and i only think will smith doesnt like it cus of tht

Jina you answered your own rather ineloquent, and angry comment. The article is not "a piece of crap", as you say you read it elsewhere.

Will Smith is unhappy with the first film, we don't know exactly how much, but enough that he's wanting more control over the second, and he's been given it.

I bet you all the people here saying they liked the film are going to be going to see the sequel no matter who's in charge of the content and what the changes are.

every one talks about sequels but what about a prequel of what happened to hancock between he lost his memory and the first movie or before he lost his memory would'nt that completley rework the story

Imad I think that's an interesting idea and could work really well, the personal downfall of a superhero.

They could also go further back to some of the stories in past history that are hinted at between the characters.



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