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Campbell unsure of Scream 4

NeveCampbell.jpgNeve Campbell is apparently not so keen on Scream 4 and is holding out to see what happens with it, something you can quite understand considering how franchises are being treated these days and how the Weinstein's track record is going.

The Weinstein's are looking at scripts right now for the fourth film, but they're in no rush, and that could be a good thing for hte series. Hopefully they're looking for a strong script to inject something new to the series.

Right now though the word is that the project isn't moving forward that fast, and a source tells Moviehole through Bloody Disgusting that the project is no further forward than it was eight years ago. Well that's not strictly true since they do say that the Weinstein's are looking at scripts right now and one of them is a speculative script from Michael T. Kennedy.

However it does seem as though the script was received six months ago and the studio are still looking over it, also the announcement of a fourth Scream film to the world was just to see what the return buzz was...but then isn't every Hollywood announcement of a possible film?

The insider goes on to say that Neve Campbell is holding out on the possibility of a fourth and while the studio, the Weinstein's and Kevin Williamson are all keen, Campbell is waiting. Quite right so they are alleged to view her as the centrepin of the series, and without her they can't do another one - could you imagine the masked killers moving onto another character?

Frankly I think it's going to be hard enough bringing in more killers and explaining that one away, but if they get a decent script and Campbell signs up then you can see this being tracked faster than most films.




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