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Berg reveals Dune vision

Dune.jpgPeter Berg has been talking about his ideas for his version of the film adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel Dune, and it sounds like he's planning a much more action adventure type of film to the David Lynch version we've seen on screen.

What's also surprising is that Berg may be trying to avoid the political subplot that the story offers, particularly in this current climate.

Peter Berg has been speaking to The Hollywood Reporter through Moviehole about his upcoming film version of Dune and he talked about David Lynch's version.

"What I never saw in Lynch's film was a really strong adventure story. There's a much more muscular time to be had there"

When he was asked about the idea of the novel representing the world's reliance on Middle Eastern oil he said:

"There is a sense in the book that the commodity is driving the train. But I don't want to hang the story on that."

In a way I find that a little disappointing because I hadn't truly thought about those parallels until now and it would be really good to explore them, especially with a director such as Berg.

What I hope we're not heading for is an all out action adventure when this story has so much politics and intrigue to it. Of course who can tell, there's so much to the story to try and fit on that big screen.

I do hope that Berg does leave some of that political feeling in it and explores it rather than avoiding it, however bringing that story to film is going to attract the comparisons anyway, so perhaps we won't be so disappointed.



NO NO NO. Dune is not, I repeat NOT an action adventure story. It is about many things but chiefly politics, ecology religion and philosophy. The spice is not just some McGuffin, it is central and absolutely crucial to the telling of the story. Hang the parallels with the middle East, if Berg is scared of that he should hand over the project to somebody else. Gawd, after two spectacularly bad adaptations of Dune, we hard pressed fans need a break. We need an epic of StarWarsian (old trilogy) glory and skill, not another inane Hollywood shoot-them-up.



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