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All the Boys Love Mandy Lane new trailer

There's a new trailer for All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (Filmstalker review) online, and in it there's the smallest hint of a possible release...or perhaps it's a throwback to last year when it didn't get released.

I don't quite understand this one. Although the film carries some problems, it's still miles ahead plenty of other films that are getting huge releases, and I can't understand why it doesn't even get a limited release to generate some cult factor.

I had the pleasure of watching All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (Filmstalker review) a little while ago, and it does have flaws, it's not as wonderful as some of the reviews and footage would have you believe, but it does have some really strong moments, a few clever changes from the genre, is beautifully shot, scored and paced, and above all Mandy Lane looks gorgeous...although sometimes I wished she would stop playing with her hair!

So I can't understand why they didn't give it a release, after all some of the rubbish that Hollywood is churning out just now is incredible. Well AITH found the new trailer and noticed that it quotes “This Spring” flashing on the screen for a moment, however I am inclined to believe that meant last Spring.

The trailer is good, doesn't reveal much and even mixes up the glimpses of death scenes, so it's trying to do something clever for the audience. That said, the voiceover it quite atrocious.



It's out on DVD and Blu-Ray as I type this Richard. It was released on Monday. ;)

I know Wyverex - hence why I have a review of the DVD on the site already!! The article was referring to a cinematical release.

Ah hah! That explains it! ;)

I'll be honest, I didn't realise that this didn't hit the cinema over here - thought the DVD release had come around quite quickly!

Yeah, historically it had been delayed for a very long time and I think was shown in only a few cult-type cinemas without a proper release.



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