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Frank Sinatra At the Movies

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Now I should disclose this up front, I'm a swing fan and I love the Rat Pack, however unusually I'm not the best Frank Sinatra fan. For me I'd rather watch and hear Dean martin, he's my favourite performer out of the three with Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. fighting for second place.

Yet it's Sinatra who has the largest outing in cinema, and this latest compilation album brings together some of the themes he's made for film.

However what I was surprised about is the limited time frame of the album and the songs themselves. Out of the entire collection of songs available, I have to admit to only knowing a few straight off the bat, but when you listen to it there's a lot more that catch the ear.

I would have loved to have heard the definitive list of Frank Sinatra film songs, but this is a really good start, even if some of the tracks aren't Sinatra's best performances, they are very enjoyable.

It pulls in a fair mix of songs together but it never strays too far from the standard film themes, and if you're a fan of swing already then they'll fit quite easily with you. However if you're a fan of Sinatra I'm sure you probably have many of these songs already elsewhere on other compilation.

Saying that a compilation of film songs is a good idea, and for film fans and for fans of swing it's a good CD with some great tracks on it.

Here's the complete listing.

1. Love Is The Tender Trap - The Tender Trap
2. From Here To Eternity - From Here to Eternity
3. I Love Paris - Can Can
4. How Deep Is The Ocean - Meet Danny Wilson
5. I Could Write A Book - Pal Joey
6. All The Way - The Joker is Wild
7. Young At Heart - Young at Heart
8. Not As A Stranger - Not as a Stranger
9. All Of Me - Meet Danny Wilson
10. High Hopes - A Hole in the Head
11. Lady Is A Tramp - Pal Joey
12. Monique - King's Go Forth
13. Chicago - The Joker is Wild
14. Three Coins In The Fountain - Three Coins in the Fountain
15. I Believe - It Happened in Brooklyn
16. Wait For Me - Johnny Concho
17. C'est Magnifique - Can Can
18. I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night - Higher and Higher
19. Just One Of Those Things - Young at Heart
20. To Love And Be Loved - Some Came Running

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Hey pallie flimstalker, I'm with you dude....it's Dino all the way....Sammy comes in a distant second to our great man....and the frankie ain't no where in sight....nice to meet 'nother dude who "gets Martin." Never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool...oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth...

hey........ what about "strangers in the night", from A MAN COULD GET KILLED? (1966)....not a sinatra movie,but played over the credits



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