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True life Thai boxing film

ThaiBoxing.jpgThai boxing is something amazing to watch, it looks incredibly difficult and painful, and while there's a lot of grace in the movements, it also can look quite brutal.

Now instead of a martial arts film where the boxing moves are mixed in with great film stunts for effect, we're going to get a taste of the real thing in a very interesting sounding story of a real life Thai boxer born from a female convict.

Samson Sor Siriporn was convicted for drug dealing in Thailand and was sentenced to ten years in prison. While there she began boxing to defend herself from the local inmates.

That boxing progressed and she found a passion for Thai boxing, cumulating in April 2007 in a bid for the World Boxing Council title while she was still in prison. She fought Japan's Ayaka Miyano in a fight for the women's light-flyweight championship title in the Klong Prem jail, also known as the Bangkok Hilton, in a makeshift ring.

Samson Sor Siriporn won and took the title, dominating each round, and as a result of this fight, her worldwide recognition, and her determination to continue to fight around the world, she was released on parole on June 13th 2007, earlier than her sentence dictated – Variety claims three years while other sites I've read suggest twenty one months.

From reading various sources on the Internet it seems that there's already a documentary in her homeland about her, but Variety are saying that Thai director Naruemol Sriyanont, producer Tim Zajaros and the production company Women in Focus productions, are planning to make a feature film about the woman. Siryanont said of Sor Siriporn:

“Her life is an example of a woman who's made mistakes and is ready to turn around and make amends...”

Naruemol Sriyanont is also writing the script for the film. Meanwhile Samson Sor Siriporn is due to defend her title on April 26th against Japanese fighter Koyoko Ebata.




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