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Tom Clancy films with games company

SplinterCell.jpgThe rights to the Tom Clancy name and brand have been bought by the videogame company that undoubtedly produces some of the best entertainment under the Clancy banner.

Ubisoft have bought the rights to almost the entire brand name of Tom Clancy, and that means everything from games to films, although a Rainbow Six film isn't part of the package.

The question is where is the Rainbow Six film? Once set up for direction by the superb John Woo, the film was delayed and is currently sitting in limbo, and apparently without any director, never mind John Woo.

We had heard that Hollywood was preparing to develop more Tom Clancy films but without any Tom Clancy moniker or involvement. Well it seems that the rights for properties under his name have gone to the only company that seems to be honouring and staying true to that title, Ubisoft.

They're responsible for the Tom Clancy games such as the Rainbow Six series, hugely successful and currently posing me more than a few late nights on the PS3, as well as the very successful Splinter Cell series on the XBox 360, another cause of getting to bed late.

So it's not wonder that they've won the rights to the series, or rather bought them for a mammoth US $47 million according to Variety's Cut Scene through Digital Spy.

The Chief Executive of the company, Yves Guillemot, said of the deal:

“We're extending the video game rights forever and getting complete freedom to complete all other projects. We don't have the rights for a Rainbow Six movie, however. Those aren't part of this deal...

...We'll make products within the limit of our know-how and ability to perform. We will also work with partners (on licensed products). That will vary depending on the power of any project. The goal each time is to make sure that the experience comes in many formats...

...Step by step we have to learn how to give more emotions to our consumers. This will help us get closer and closer to creating movies or internet products that will entertain. A year ago we started to create Ubisoft Digital Arts in Montreal so we can have a group capable of creating animations and movies in the future.”

So you can see by reading those comments that they are intending to develop films from these products, but by partnering with Hollywood studios to develop them, the most sensible way to do it. They're also looking at developing them alongside the games and making sure that they all blend in together.

I think this is a wise strategy and the right direction for Tom Clancy's franchise to go. The name is much more successful in the videogame world and being left in film alone was about to lead to some disasters in my mind as they restart, remake and churn out for quick profits film after film.

The Clancy universe gets treated much better in the videogame world, and given time we could see a decent Splinter Cell film on the way, something I think would go down a storm.

However I can see something else happening, with Rainbow Six in turnaround I could see the rights eventually lapsing and coming across to Ubisoft too, and perhaps they can partner with a studio and create a strong Rainbow Six film, because I can't see it happening otherwise.

Would you be open to a Rainbow Six and/or Splinter Cell films rather than more Jack Ryan?



I'm glad Ubisoft have the rights, they do make great games. Maybe too good considering the late nights they tend to generate. A Splinter Cell film would be good, although considering he's meant to be invisible most of the time should be interesting to film! That green light that is above his head most of the time might help. Although I love Rainbow Six I could see that turning into a SWAT style disaster, I suppose it depends who's directing it, and what they do with it.

SWAT was great fun, but you are right in that a Tom Clancy film shouldn't be anything like SWAT.

I would really like to see both films made, and I think you could easily make them, but the concentration has to be on suspense and tension.

How about F. Gary Gray who filmed The Negotiator? (Also The Italian Job) Now for suspense and tension, and the right feel, I think Negotiator is pretty close.

Yeah along those lines. I do think if they did a film version of any of the Rainbow Six games it should be one of the Vegas ones. Having it in the one place for the majority of it would make for more tension, a city under seige and all that.

Really? The original book with worldwide locations would have more appeal to the rest of the world and make it less of a patriotism fest - filmed of course by the director Doug Liman who made the Bourne movies.

Yeah but Vegas is known worldwide, and with so many visitors to the city it would be very recognisable.

Logistics wise though, could you really see the scale of production managing to secure locations in Vegas, or building stages to replicate it? Huge production required.

Thinking about it Cargo might have the best option, the worldwide locations would probably be easier to film and cheaper than trying to take over Vegas or recreate it.

Mind you, I think they'd have to dump the idea of Euro Disney being used. Mickey Mouse being snipered during tourist season might not be the best advertising!

I was thinking of one place like Vegas, just because it allows more time for plot stuff. And as you say Richard it is recognisable worldwide.

I would worry a round the world film would end up like Bond. Pretty location with action set piece, followed by the same.

I'm only going by the games though. I'm sure the books have far more plot that would make for a great worldwide film. As you say Cargo, with someone like Doug Liman on board though I would have more faith.

Las Vegas under siege would make for a great film I think. But money wise they will probably go for a Bourne style worldwide adventure. Between Jumper and Bourne, Liman would probably be a good man for the job.



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