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The Descent 3?

TheDescent_Poster.jpgThe Descent 2, or the stupidly named De2cent, is not even made, and in fact casting calls have just gone out for the film, but already they're talking about the third in the series, yes The Descent 3, or something like De3cent.

According to that very casting call one of the characters is set to live through the second film and is to be signed up for another film, just in case.

Except it doesn't look like there's any intelligence in the third idea yet as they're doing exactly the same thing. One female survivor who makes it out and no doubt is forced to go back in for some reason.

Now if you don't want to spoil the second film then don't read on.

The spoiler from the Descent 2 casting call comes from Bloody-Disgusting through Dread Central and AITH and tells us that they're looking for a Latina woman aged 30-35 called Deputy Ellen Rios, and that she will receive a two picture deal.

Not hard to figure out what happens next then is it?

Okay, but let's get real for a moment, this is not a guarantee of a third film, not at all. This is a placeholder so that if the second makes a profit they might consider a third to rake in some more cash and keep some kind of continuity going, even if it is the same story a third time.

What do you think though? Enough with the second? Maybe even enough with the first?



I think that BD posted a script review, or notes from a studio exec on the script for The Descent 2 a while back, and it was distinctly underwhelming. I'm not excited about the prospect of a third at all (although I did love the first).

I do wish they'd just leave things as they are sometimes.

Yep you're right Jim, and I wrote about it right here. Well worth reading if you don't care about spoilers. It doesn't look good at all.

I think the first would have been enough. I've seen the second one yesterday and I really liked it, but there was definitly nothing new to the fist one and the charakters has been a bit more interesting at part one. But after all, i felt entertained and I did'nt think that the sequel is a bad movie.

So I said the first would be enough? Yes it would has been, but now, part two left me with a bad clivehanger, which added a new (evil)(?) human Charakter at the end of the film, so I want to now what's about it.

I think that the existens of an knowing human, that seems to interakt with the demons, could bring the plot of part three the theme it needs.

MAKE A THIRD!!!! I love this film..

Unlike the others I'd like them to get in over their heads and leave to come back packing and kicking ass. Guns blaring. Maybe the cop chicks cell phone turns up leading them to the pit with GPS signal and they go in find the bodies and leave comeback with serious fire power and discover Sara survived some how. Maybe another collapse crushed the bad guys from her scream or the other cute girl killed off screen was really saved by juno and didn't go with her cause she was looking for the white guy she loved who fell in the hole.

I enjoyed both films. They were absolutely frightening and astonishing. The twist at the end of the second movie was amazing. Absolutely make a Third!!!!

i love the first movie, not as much the second theres something truly original in the all female cast. there not gunna beat the first one because it was excitment and suspence that there not gunna be able to get in another sequel. i would probably go for a prequel and find out why the old guy is bringin the crawlers food. some films are better left as one and im not sure if this is one.

and to be honest it doesn't matter what we think filming for the 3rd film started in may

i like those kind's of movie
i like the story but i hate the end
wtf is whit that old guy
its his fault because those creature exist or what is his problem

if they made the 3rd one in 3D it could be defintely worthwhile

3D? Even if it was the same story again?!

I hope the make Descent part 3 the first one was good the second one was better and the ending of the second left an opening for a third that can't really go wrong.

I would love to see the next "The Descent 3"

please bring juno in the third

i hope there will be a part 3 for this movie..i want to kill that ugly thing...!!grrr

i love this film because it has a good story to it and it also has details about the story and the best part i love about it that i'ts very gory and lots of action

yall are crazy one was hot 2 was hot so what if it was the same formula no movie thats been made gives you the same feeling as this series and a third one is needed to fully explain the origin of the descent like come the paintings on the wall and the old guy at the end of 2 who wouldnt wanna see all this great idea to do a third

I love this story but i hate the ending.. it makes me wanna tear my face off. I NEED TO KNOW why that old guy did that.. If the producer of those movies reads this I hope he knows he's a dick for making that ending if there wont be a part three!

would like to see the 3 rd.., why the old guy did that, bring Sarah back, and like to see if those creatures find by other human and kill em'all...

like to see the 3rd. plzzzzz

yes i love the descent part1 and 2 wos more scary briliant film just want part 3 now i got 2 know why that shitty old man smacked the shavel on her face and left near the whole again. he must be feeding them then. plzzzz theres got 2 be the descent 3 or els thats a stupid ending without knowing why the old man did that 2 rias.pls bring sarha back shes briliant. i will miss her. juno i felt sorry when she got her throt torn. i just love the film. the best horror movie of all.

i am pretty sure that the ugly creatures were once the ancestors to the old man that hit the black officer at the end of descent2. there were once the labors working deep underneath and got trapped. so, those creatures are somehow related to the old man

matthew, i think the old guy doesn't want any kind of media rush there. because if the girl would have been saved shed would probally have told everything about that cave etc...

I Think That They Should Make A Third Descent Because The Ending To The Second One Was Really Dumb Cause They Left It Open For You To Wonder What Should Happen So No Dout In My Mind Should There Be A 3rd One......ALL DESCENTS WERE GREAT!!!!!

wtf..what the hell r u pple complainin about! descent 1 and 2 are good movies.i know its not the best of plots or storyline but its a fun watch.. if u dont like them dont watch them!! goddam naggers and critics.. all they do is sit on their ass and whine about how they hate the movie!!

I think there NEEDS to be a 3rd one because i loves the 2nd and 1st and i would love to play in this movie and so yes please make a 3rd it would mean the world to all of te fans :)

I'd like to throw my mother in law down that hole!

Seriously, don't mind the haters, I watch A LOT of horror movies and the Descent 1 and 2 are the scariest movies I have ever seen! The director is a dick if he leaves us with no Descent 3 to explain things like that waked ending and who these creatures are. That's definitely enough for a third movie without being "redundant".

Make the third Descent. I too watch a lot of horror movies. And this is the best one I have seen in a long time. I mean just the fact of being trapped and lost underground is horrifying and anxiety filled but add the freakin creatures and the blood bath that takes place awesome. Me an my wife just watched part 2 an can't stop talking about it. The ending leaves a hole in our minds that we want filled. Please make the third one and make it for the big screen you guys have a GEM of a franchise going here.

Maybe they should do a prequel???

To be honest I loved the first one it was brill ... but the second one was lame, no point to it...so a third would be a disaster. everyone knows what the monster is now, so it's not scary any more. the second one was predictable and the people acted dumb in it. They kept screaming, with noise sensitive monsters around...not a good idea.

Yes i agree they should just do a prequel,and a gender change,and one hot chick :D

i like the decent move and iwould like to watch part3 of decent

I would like a #3 where they go back and kill all of the cave creatures. Or maybe all but two. Having the same ending in both of the first 2 films was crap. Maybe a prequel were it explains how the things ended up being there in the first place.

I have a great idea for the third one that does not result in one surviving. Some do survive in my story; however; it's more about how the story begins and why the old is keeping the hold a secret more of my plot. I hope I one day can get to tell someone this story and hope it becomes the desent three's plot. Just saying.

Well the second one was called the Decent Part 2, so its seems to just wrap up the first film and kills off all main characters. I wonder if the next one is going to be The Decent 2 as like a whole new chapter in the story :)

i like both part of this movies and my friends and i looking for the third part can't wait for it

I think they could make another one if maybe the creatures got out of the cave and were hunting people or like people go in to kill all the creatures. it would be different anyways.

please make a third one and bring back juno she was awesome

I have seen both The descent part one and two liked them maybe they need to make this a trilogy and the last one should be call The Descent-the final chapter.

PLEASE have a Part 3 & even a part 4!!! Love these movies! The girls & the crawlers are just PERFECT!

Or maybe... this post should be taken down by now since Descent part 2 came out a while ago andwas a pretty damn good sequel?????... nah.... let's keep the internet 90% BS and hearsay.

Historical entries on a site are neither BS nor hearsay. I won't be taking it down as long as people are commenting and reading and I own the site.

So, is there a part 3?

I hate this trend of half-assed, straight to DVD sequels to films that were either:

A) relatively good but sadly didn't sell enough tickets to justify a full fledged sequel(s) while still probably performing well enough with rentals to show that a low budget follow-up, entirely scrubbed of any recognizable(expensive) actor(actrice) could very well turn in a profit (marginal or not, probably not since its become such a wide spread trend.)
This case applies to The Descent in my opinion, which I think was very, forgive the pun, decent.


B) an utter and complete stinker that, for reasons unknown but to God and the Martians, akin to type A were also well received in the rental department. Most likely creditable to an excessive amount of cheap gore and/or out-of-nowhere sexuality (which I'm not totally against, especially when done with taste or tongue in cheek.) Or maybe its because of people that intentionally rent bad movies just to have a laugh. Yes, I'm in that category.

or I guess...

C) a very mild, neither good nor bad movie that went by semi-unnoticed featuring a recognizable, top of the bill or widely acknowledged actor(actrice) and/or a story/concept that really could have put it apart from other movies and most likely came close but didn't quite sell short of its expectations and may have turned in a profit somewhere in the process. A sequel is made, again with no returning cast from the original, perhaps in hope that uninformed people may rent it on the ambiguous possibility that their favorite actor(actrice) could have come back for the sophomore outing. Or out of sheer curiosity/masochism.

It's so easy to take away the prestige or good standing of a movie or series like Robocop 3 did so dastardly to the first two films in the series. Even when the sequel(s) isn't even that bad... like the Matrix movies! That might be just my imagination but I the first movie was quite revered as a cult classic and pop culture milestone right up until the time the two sequels were released and kind of didn't deliver...

Venting done. Cooling period in progress...

Wait until they unveil the title for part 3: The Desc3nt. I know, I shouldn't give them ideas.

yeah make a num 3 as theres loads of answers need ansering like who is the old man and who are or should i say what are them creatours. my opinioun is that at the start when the search team is at the chaple the old man says my grandpa was a miner down there and never came back up so i think they are the miners that have addaptid to the dark and the souroundings and the old man thinks that the creaturs so feeds them. i think in num 3 they should blow the cave up killing the creators.

I think there should be one where the creatures run out of food, so they start attacking big cities.

I think that would suck if they'd come out to cities, out of their mysterious dark dwellin abyss alike place; NO!! THey're much much better there down, or else that would bring same borring zombie movies that are enough

i am waiting the third part it is the best movie bring back to juno and sara they are the best actors in this movie

I would really like to see the third part of Descent. It is really a great movie to watch. If anyone haven't seen i would say to see both The Descent one & two, you would expect to see the third one.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!! Make the third part.

I believe that they should indefinitely make a third. After the ending of the second, it made me think, did the older man have something to do with the creatures? lets not forget that he winked at Rios as they descended down in the elevator shaft. just something to ponder.

uh yea they should make a 3rd the old guy just adds too the story you keep finding out more about those cave monsters every time and what was with the old dude not too mention the 2nd got waaaay gorey compared too the first....they also should collaborate why the [expletive removed - Richard] there is just a gaint pool of blood in a cave

they should make another. the other 2 were fuckin awesome

I watched the two parts and they are very nice. I really wish to watch the 3er part. Bad that juno is maybe dead. Well lets see what happens

I saw the first one yesterday on my cable network. So i had to see the 2nd one went to a video store bought the 2nd one and loved both of them. i really hope they make a 3rd one!

i just watched both 1 & 2 this weekend. please make a 3rd one. these movies are awesome!

think my girlfriend had the old guy pegged the whole time.

#1 story about his ancestor and the mines

#2 the old machinery still working

#3 the wink he gave as they started going down

#4 he called police about sarah to get more people down into the caves

#5 he caught the deer for the cave creatures

definitely should be part 3 to explore all that



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