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Norton versus Marvel in Incredible Hulk editing

EdNorton.jpgIt seems that Edward Norton, who has a reputation for putting his views on films he's starred in across to directors and studios, is currently clashing with Marvel over the final cut of The Incredible Hulk and both parties are locked away trying to find a resolution to the debate.

The details of what exactly is being debated are not revealed, just like the rest of the film, and it is slightly worrying considering the teaser is due out very soon and the final cut of the film is expected very soon, in a mere four to five weeks.

Edward Norton has apparently a little bit of history in these circles, and he's had strong discussions with executives and directors before about the films he's starred in, perhaps the most famous is that of on set with American History X, which turned out to be a superb film.

Now though the subject matter is much lighter and the film part of a not very well received franchise, and so expectations aren't that high. Well they weren't until Edward Norton agreed to play the role of Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk, for he takes with him a fair weight of talent.

However that came at a price and Marvel agreed to allow him to rewrite the script and have a big involvement in the development of the film. Something it appears they may now be regretting.

Over at Deadline Hollywood Daily through /Film they are saying that he and Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel, and president of production Kevin Feige, as well as the director Louis Leterrier, are sitting discussing the way forward, and the final cut of the film.

Already this doesn't bode well. They also have various sources, some saying that Norton is really pushing his position and they should never have let an actor have any control over the script, others saying that it's heated but fair discussion, and others saying that Norton is right.

Basically rumours and sources all, and they're giving mixed messages. With four to five weeks to go before Marvel have to reportedly complete the film to make the release date, there isn't much time for arguing.

Now you could say that with Norton's past history he's got a good case for winning out in the editing room, but Louis Leterrier, the director, does too since he has a host of action films under his belt. Who would you be putting your money behind?

It'll be interesting to see how the teaser and the trailer appear when we do finally see them, because it would seem that Norton helped out heavily in getting the trailer up to speed. That'll tell us a lot more about Norton's vision for The Incredible Hulk.

Does any of this concern you, or are you just worried about the end product and couldn't care less about the arguing behind the scenes?




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