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Update: The Happening Script online

TheHappening.jpgThe screenplay for M. Night Shyamalan's film The Happening might well be online, or at least an early version might be.

The script is entitled The Green Effect, which is an early title for the film, and it looks like it has been photocopied and then thrown online, so it may not be there for long.

Update: I have a new link for the script, and now that the film has been out it's something that you might like to have a read through to compare.

The story is about the Earth fighting back against the destructive force of man as nature evolves to develop a way to make humans destroy themselves and each other in some horrendous ways. Some people escape being infected with the spore and battle to stay alive.

It's going to be Shyamalan's first R-rated film, a pretty serious horror-thriller from all accounts, and reading the script might just confirm that...if the script is the real thing.

I've embedded it below for you to see and read:

Update: I've received two emails from the Intellectual Property Department at Fox confirming that this is the actual script for the film by asking me to remove it immediately. Since they don't seem to understand technology and that I'm not actually hosting it, this is just an embedded link to another site, I'm removing the embedded section and retaining the link to the source. They can battle with that site to have the script removed. Back to the story.

I'm not convinced it'll be real because I'm sure M. Night Shyamalan would have tougher security around his scripts than this leaked version would suggest. Or maybe it's a deliberate move by the studio to raise interest? I'm not so sure about that either.

Have a read of the script here, or over at Scribd through TheHappeningTrailer blog and see what you think. I'm really excited about the film, especially after seeing the trailer for The Happening, so I'm keen to sit down and read it, I'm just scared it'll destroy the film for me.

Update: Still want to see the script? Try Pirate Bay who seem to be pointing to a torrent for the PDF script.



Check the update in the main story...

hello fri!

"The Happening"
Very Bad Movie.

i like it the sixth sense movie.



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