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WAZ trailer online

WAZ.jpgI saw WAZ (Filmstalker review) back in September of last year and was really quite impressed. Now there's a trailer online for you to see, although I didn't find it presented a coherent feel for what the film is about.

WAZ is the story of an old cop assigned a new partner who arrives on the day of the first of a string of killings which carry a strange similarity, the carving of messages onto the body. The message is soon deciphered to be an equation, and as the race to decipher it they realise that it's not just about the murder, but about the choices that the victim is being made to made.

WAZ stars Stellan Skarsgård and Melissa George in the lead roles with Selma Blair, Paul Kaye and the upcoming Ashley Waters. They all give strong performances, and the film looks really good. Here's the closing summary from my review:

Overall I really did enjoy this film, it did have some flaws but for the most part it carried strong scripting and characterisation, and some very good performances.

It does borrow something from the Saw franchise (isn't it interesting that WAZ could be seen as Saw backwards) as well as a feeling of The Vanishing or Spoorloos. There's nothing overly obvious though that doesn't stop WAZ from being it's own dark and clever story, in fact it's more in the realm of Spoorloos than Vanishing and Saw, it's more edgy and clever than it is Hollywood.

Perhaps with a second viewing and a little more gleamed from the early explanations of the scientific plot thread, this could have more depth to it, but as it is it's a strong, dark, and more intelligent thriller than most. Well filmed, strongly directed, some very good performances and delivers some great moments of tension and uncomfortable horror

The film is getting a UK release on the 22nd of February, and the trailer can be seen over at MoviesOnline [Flash].

Have a look and see what you think, but I'd definitely recommend a read of the review as well, since I do think that this trailer is a bit long and scrappy.



This looks like it could actually be a good thriller/horror film. Watching the trailer reminded me for some reason of the Silence of the Lambs and Seven.



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