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Vatican says Harry Potter is Immoral

HarryPotter.jpgThe official Vatican paper, which is claimed is the mouthpiece of Pope Benedict XVI's views, has derided the Harry Potter series for being immoral and non-religious.

What's more is that they also weigh into the character and claim that the series cannot be compared to the work of JRR Tolkein nor C. S. Lewis.

The L'Osservatore Romano has accused the series from J. K. Rowling of leading youngsters away from Christianity and of showing:

“...a vision of the world and the human being full of deep mistakes and dangerous suggestions, even more seductive as it is mixed with half-truths.”

Wow. The comment comes through Starpulse News Blog I'd say wake up and step out of your bejewelled city to see what the real world's like. Harry Potter is a mild series in comparison and one which does a good job of gearing younger peoples minds to the harshness of the world outside.

Perhaps you'd be better suited getting your hands dirty and solving problems like genocide, or using some of the money in that city to solve world hunger and debt, maybe get involved and put an end to a few wars?

Oh no, you want to sit in their and complain about the few odd books and films that have grown to a phenomenal size that you might score points off of and gain publicity by verbally attacking.



Oh no the Vatican said Harry Potter is immoral!
-Gasp- Hide your kids!
Articles such as these are good for a laugh. I'm of Christian faith and am bringing up my daughter with the same teachings, but I am also teaching her to have an open mind and to think for herself. She and I are huge Harry Potter fans, so does that falter our beliefs? Heck no! This series of books and movies tell a story, a STORY. Good grief. If people are having a problem separating reality and fantasy then they need to seek help.

Who really cares what Pope Palpatine has to say!!

Meli, what a grown up and adult view, I commend you for it. Why can't everyone be like that?



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