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Sex and the City trailer online

SexandtheCity.jpgThe trailer for Sex and the City is online and as usual I can't take a peek at it from where I am, but you could give it a go and tell us all what you think of it.

This is the film that follows on from the series that, as far as we know, left everyone pretty much happy and set for a wonderful life. So what's going to break early on in the film then?

Well if you believe the street filming that's been caught on camera, Mr Big is going to upset Carrie in some really dreadful way and they're going to have a big falling out on the wedding day…Well there has to be something to kick the whole sordid affair off again.

There's also the possibility that Charlotte is pregnant and perhaps we'll even see Samantha settle down, or perhaps a recurrence of her cancer? Who knows, all we do know is that they need plenty of things to go wrong up front to fix, and the trailer is right here through Dtheatre.



This is the same trailer that we first saw before I think. Hello Mr. Big! :P

Certainly is now I see it.

Damn those people from work blocking YouTube - I'm going to start leaving my home PC on so I can check these out even at work.

Sorry for the double posting then.

They've also blocked YouTube access where I work, I didnt go to work today so I saw it at home.

I'm going to have to figure a way round this.

mmm...hated the tv series so i think my idea of hell would be going to a cinema to watch this!

I don't think i could get through the day without access to youtube, my sympathies!



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