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Life Before Her Eyes trailer online

UmaThurman.jpgI hadn't heard about The Life Before Her Eyes until seeing this trailer, and frankly I'm still unsure about it. However two things are clear, it has some great talent in it and it looks very interesting.

Two actresses that immediately stuck out for me were Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood playing the same character but in different times of her life.

The trailer comes through Movie List Forums and can be seen in Quicktime both large and medium formats.

What do you think? It looks like Uma Thurman is really going to have a powerful and dramatic role here, and if it works out well I think it could be a good move for her. She's so often associated with lighter roles which don't give her the credit she deserves. Evan Rachel Wood playing her younger self looks like a good match too.

However the big thing for me is the Director, Vadim Perelman. He directed the wonderfully dramatic House of Sand and Fog which I totally adored.

The plot outline really packs a punch and is adapted from the Laura Kasischke novel ( / ), which tells the story of a woman who is a survivor of a school shooting that beings to question her life as the fifteenth anniversary of the shooting arrives. As the days to the anniversary get closer her modern life begins to unravel as she remembers the past and the days leading to the shooting.

It certainly does sound a powerful film, and something definitely worth watching.



I would agree Richard. I've just watched the trailer and although a little difficult to follow watching it, you can tell it's going to be one of those films with really good performances. Does look and sound good.



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