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Justice League disbands

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgThe Justice League of America has hit troubled times and is now on indefinite hold. Warner Bros. has let the options lapse on the cast and confirmed that the film is now on hold.

However the cast were told that the film will go ahead and that they will ask them all to return, just as soon as they resolve some problems.

So really, if Warner Bros. are telling the truth, hold is the operative word and the entire production will start again in the near future as is, in fact late summer or autumn (fall) as according to the announcement.

The official reasons for the delay are, according to the article in Variety, not getting the required responses from the Australian government on the tax deals that they had applied for, and that the script needs more work but can't be worked on until the strike is over.

The article also points out that the deals with the cast gave Warner Bros. the options to either make the film now or hold off until July, so why not just hold off and make sure that the cast is all signed up at their lower wages for this new outing?

Well there could be two reasons, it's really not going ahead with this cast, or they aren't really going to hit that date.

The big concern there is that the cast won't be available when they decide to pick up the project again, especially as writers will be employed galore trying to get the backlog of scripts and projects on the go up to speed. They might get signed by other projects and the costs might go up.

Good news I think though, the project was looking rougher and rougher, and I never particularly liked the cast list anyway. Perhaps they should just keep going with the individual franchises for now. Get Wonder Woman on the go, keep the key Batman and Superman series going, and add a few more onto the slate.

Wait till we see who's established alongside Superman and Batman before racing in with a half attempted ensemble film.




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