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Cloverfield sequel is on

Cloverfield.jpgWell when I wrote about the Cloverfield sequel or prequel, aka Cloverield 2, I didn't think that the deal would be signed this quickly, especially since J.J. Abrams had said that they wouldn't rush into it just because of box office figures, well it seems they will, and they have.

Today the news is that Cloverfield, as it arrives in UK cinemas tomorrow, is already set to have a sequel or prequel as Matt Reeves is signed up to Direct.

Now that is quick. I'm also not sure how I feel about this news from Variety. I'm yet to see the film, but I am sure that when I do I'll have a great time, but the power of the film is the mystery of the creature, revealed only in the closing moments and then it's not even fully explained. You're experiencing it from the view of those in the city, for the first time.

Like Blair Witch, and I'm not making this comparison for the hand-held camera debate, it really relied on the audience seeing it fresh, once the reveal was made that it was revealed and understood that everything was a fake the power of the footage was diluted. Remember the marketing was pitching it all as real, even to the opening credits, I always wonder what it would have been like to watch it with the very first audience, unaware.

Now seeing a second Cloverfield will mean that you're going to have already explored the character's first experience of the creature and the slow reveal of the mysteries of the monster. So the question really is what will this film focus on and bring.

As I said there's already been talk of a sequel and a prequel, particularly as they have so much prequel material, but there's no word yet. Hopefully they'll work on getting it just right.

The other aspect of this is the effect on the UK, and other audiences around the world who are just about to see the film. For those of us who now know there's going to be another film, we're just not going to get the same experience as the audience who have seen this thinking it's a one off and that this is truly the end at the end.

I don't know, maybe among those who have seen it there really is an appetite for more of the same, or something a little different on the same theme, but hasn't it already been done?



I don't think anybody thinks for a minute these pov films are real when they first see a teaser.

We all know they are fake but it's just a more interesting angle because we are so used to personal media now.

I can see plenty of scope for the sequel. Sure, the first impact of the film gets taken away, but the sequel could focus more on other characters, rather than just the "running" action aspect of the first.

It could focus on characters, and what theya re going through wheh they think it might be the end of the world etc. There is scope.


Now that would be interesting David, but then it would hardly be about the monster any more.

I wonder if they could do something where they are looking at the government effort against the creature, or perhaps the army. However then it becomes a much bigger picture.

How about seeing it from the monsters point of view?...I'm only kidding, that'd never work.It would be kinda interesting though.You'd be able to see where it came from, or who created it.

I heard something about them focusing on a Radio or Tv Station for the next film.



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