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Bioshock film?

Bioshock.jpgThere's a rumour that's started amongst the gaming sites that the next videogame adaptation to be viewed for the big screen treatment is the XBox 360 game Bioshock.

Although the studio isn't mentioned and we are confined to a source, the word is that the film will be heavily green screened a-la 300 (Filmstalker review).

Bioshock ( / ) is a cracking game for the 360 and PC that takes a superbly rich story idea and develops a game around it, combining a strong script, some great twists and a very cinematic feel.

Set in an alternative 1960, you play a survivor of a plane crash at sea, a crash that sees marooned in the middle of the ocean, except for a strange structure nearby. This is the entrance to an underwater city called Rapture, created by the hugely rich and slightly odd businessman Andrew Ryan.

He wanted to create a perfect society filled with the best of humanity, and in 1950 did just that. As the population rose to thousands, so did its problems, a class system evolved and with it genetic engineering and experimentation for those who could achieve it, and soon all out war. You have arrived at the city when it has been ravaged by war, but there are still survivors.

I shan't tell you more, and I won't even direct you to the Wikipedia article for it is filled with reveals. It would be much better to play it for yourself.

Joystiq are the ones that got hold of a source within a film studio who said that they are considering a complete green screen treatment, which would make sense considering the effects and set design required.

However we must remember there's a strike on, and once that clears there will be a slew of projects waiting to get made, so we could be here a while.

Do fans of the game think that it will make a good film transfer, or is this another videogame failure for cinema audiences to blame on games.



I loved the game and I think there is more than enough material for a film version. It would be great to see a Big Daddy on the big screen. I would say this would work better as a film than most games, due to its backstory and plot details. It would certainly work as a 300 type film due its artistic style and animation used in the game. Many people were disappointed in the ending of the game and a film version could rectify that.

Oh look, other film sites obviously read two day old Joystiq entries...ahem.

Shell - It does belong to the upper level of videogames plot wise, that's for sure. It's on my rental list right now.



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