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Stalker's Top Ten: Matt's 2007 Films

10FSReel.jpgEveryone's doing their top ten films just now, and on the Internet sites that means the editors ramming their choices at you. So I thought I would do something different instead, I'm asking the Filmstalker Readers to share their 2007 Top Ten lists with us, and that means you can too.

First up we have Matt from Darkmatters, and he's giving us his Top Ten FIlms of 2007. Now if you want to share a Top Ten list of anything film related just let me know, but to start things off, here's Matt's list.

Matt's Top 10 Films of 2007

This has been the year of the 'Threequel' - with Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Shrek the Third to name just some of those carrying high anticipation burdens… Many people didn't like any of those threesomes, I kinda did but none of them make my top ten - because thankfully there were lots of better movies released, here are the ones that did it most for me…

10. The Lookout
A must see for anyone who liked Memento or Brick, understated and cool, this is a slice of pure indie feel heist thriller and a very promising debut from director Scott Frank.

9. The Lives of Others
Scary Stasi story from the grey-bleak East Germany of the 80s. Ulrich Mühe is excellent as a GDR agent named Wiesler - somehow director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (great name) makes watching a guy wearing headphones compelling!

8. Atonement
Keira Knightley gives her best performance to date as the stunning Cecilla, whose breathtaking emergence from a fountain at one point is quite possibly the scene of the year for males the world over… McAvoy is excellent too.

7. Stardust
Wielding a heavyweight epic punch - boosted by literal 'star power' this is the most deliciously over the top and enjoyable fantasy film since The Princess Bride. Stardust does everything right and De Niro delivers the wonderful scene stealing Captain Shakespeare.

6. This is England
Powerful warpgate back to a time, not so long ago when Britain was at war, society was barely holding together in the face of suspicion and intolerance and violent gangs roamed the streets. Young Thomas Turgoose is a revelation.

5. The Darjeeling Limited
As is the case with most of director Wes Anderson's films, The Darjeeling Limited is a window into a poignant, mesmerising and heart warming reality where the journey matters more than the destination.

4. Transformers
Michael 'Bad Boys' Bay pulls out all the stops to bring the much-loved robotic action figures to living, breathing, butt-kicking glory and he does it with unrestrained aplomb. Remember, the freedom to enjoy lowbrow action packed nonsense like this is the right of all sentient beings...

3. Sunshine
For years now we have stumbled in the darkness of a drought, an abyss, a cold hard vacuum of quality space based science fiction (apart from Serenity obviously). But Danny Boyle brought us a burning beautiful ball of light that promised much and delivered on all counts.

2. 300
I am a Spartan, descended from Hercules himself. Taught never to surrender and that death on the battlefield is the greatest glory in life (although film reviewing is obviously a close second)… If honour, excitement and entertainment beyond the thresholds of normal cinema is what you seek, there is nothing that can touch this bloody epic graphic novel come to life.

1. Hot Fuzz
Every minute of every day - a crime is being committed somewhere. I can feel it; I can sense the scum on our streets. For too long people have cried 'where are the police when we need them?' But in this feral world, one man can make a difference - that man is Nicholas Angel (Simon 'Spaced' Pegg). Arriving in the impressive shockwave of his top Brit horror comedy Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz ups the ante, boosts the budget and delivers quality laughs, action and violence way beyond the call of duty.

Can't wait for Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life which is rumoured to be about how hero Scott Pilgrim must defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil ex-boyfriends in battle… ETA 2009.

The Near Misses
This is something that I started last year and is a shameless way of getting to namecheck films without having to assign them
a chart postion.

So, these are very cool films that almost made the top ten: 28 Weeks Later, The Bourne Ultimatum, Planet Terror, Superbad, Inland Empire, Zodiac, The Last King of Scotland and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

[Richard] Big thanks there to Matt from Darkmatters for giving us his Top Ten Films of 2007. I read his site regularly and you'll notice his reviews posted on Filmstalker Readers regularly. We have very similar tastes, and he's an entertaining read.

Now if you want to submit your Top Ten list of 2007 in anything film related, then drop me .

I'll try and post one every day or every other day until we run out of them! Now what do you think of Matt's list?



Well I was with him pretty much all the way until I got to no.1 :(

If I were compiling a "biggest load of tosh of 2007" list Hot Fuzz would be at the top (with "Science fiction by numbers - starting at 2001" Sunshine right behind it, and Shrek 3 in third place). Different strokes for different folks, I guess, and thankfully 2007 pretty much provided something for everyone with a diverse range of films.

Since I loved "Memento" and "Brick" I'm going to have to hunt out "The Lookout" which I seem to have missed.

Nice to see such a diverse selection in Matt's Top 10.

Hmmm, glad that The Lives of Others made it to your Top 10 Matt, but just at spot 9? Because it will be 1st in mine.

This made me want to rush my own Top 10 list now! ;)

I can't even get into this discussion because I've seen so few movies in 2007. However, I'll arrogantly throw some ignorance into the mix. Transformers at 4? I'm usually fine with Bay-ish movies, but Transformers was disappointing at best. I even watched it twice to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. As for Hot Fuzz, I agree it was great, but being a bit less than "Shaun of the Dead", I probably wouldn't have given it the top spot.

As for Grindhouse in your near misses, I saw the double-feature at the theater and have rented both movies separately. The DVD experience just doesn't live up to what I saw in the theater. I found myself bored with both on DVD but more-so with Planet Terror (which is odd since it was better in the theater). If we're talking about the theater experience, though, I'd put it right behind 300.

Hap, how come you didnt go out to see a lot of films in 2007 then, not enough good movies eh?

Nah, lots of movies I wanted to see, but the year has been far too busy. Life won't slow down much for me until 2009, and the next month will be a whirlwind.

Well I shan't ask for some PHP assistance then!

Maybe I could slip the PHP through to one of my overseas contractors without the boss knowing. They're better at PHP than I am anyway. :)



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